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DocASAP Online Appointment Scheduling

DocASAP Online Appointment Scheduling

DocASAP Online Appointment Scheduling

DocASAP Online Appointment Scheduling
DocASAP Online Appointment Scheduling


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DocASAP Online Appointment Scheduling is a solution provided by DocASAP which was founded in 2012. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Scheduling, Consumer Access & Engagement, Personalized Care, Customer Service, Digital Front Door (DFD), and Patient Flow.
It has 13 verified clients.
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DocASAP provides the leading patient access and engagement platform for health systems, health plans and physician groups. Backed and promoted in the market by Aetna, Anthem, UnitedHealthcare, Optum, MultiPlan and others, DocASAP builds unique payor-provider connections with an eye towards simplified access, increased care compliance and improved population risk management. DocASAP’s online appointment scheduling solution enables patients to connect with optimal care providers to enhance access, improve outcomes and reduce costs DocASAP delivers real-time, accurate online appointment scheduling that integrates with leading practice management systems. Maximize bookings and exceed patient expectations with our award-winning, industry-leading scheduling solution. DocASAP is the industry's only solution that maintains the integrity of provider schedules by replicating their exact intake rules, work flows and protocols. Our configurable workflow questions capture and standardize appointment data such as visit reasons, which seamlessly integrates with the industry’s leading practice management systems. DocASAP enables appointment scheduling through multiple access points including health plans, search engines, social media, provider staff and health system websites. We're the only solution partnered with the top three payors in the US to help keep patients/members in network, close gaps in care and ensure care coordination. DocASAP Online Scheduling displays a provider's available appointments up to 90 days in advance and alternate care options that meet the patient’s search criteria.
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1\. DocASAP Online Scheduling offers an industry-leading decision tree capability. With an easy-to-use, patient-facing user interface, this solution enables the ability to schedule complex and non-complex appointments in synchronization with the client's appointment scheduling solution, practice and rules. Many competitors offer scheduling at a macro level using appointment types such as office visit or new patient. DocASAP supports the vast array of appointment types, clinical and operational protocols, physician preferences, etc., enabling a complete scheduling solution. 2\. DocASAP promotes and supports the brand of the health system and payers versus some competitors that are more of a marketplace solution. 3\. DocASAP enables online scheduling through multiple access points, including payor member portals and apps. DocASAP is the only scheduling solution partnered with the top 3 payors in the US.
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July 31, 2023


July 31, 2023

Disappointing Experience with DocASAP

I've had a tough experience with DocASAP during my tenure at LifeBridge Health. The issues have been on multiple fronts, including analytics, technical aspects, and customer support.

We decided to use DocASAP for online scheduling while using another platform, E-variant (which later became Healthgrades, Mercury, and finally WebMD), for our provider directory. This decision was problematic because we couldn't bridge the analytics between the two platforms, which led to significant limitations in our understanding of our customers' journeys.

One of the main issues with DocASAP was their analytics offering. Their dashboard feels very dated and they have repeatedly failed to deliver on promises to improve their analytics tool. Even when I downloaded spreadsheets of data directly, the analytics were consistently off by a significant percent.

There was also an issue of reliability. I found several instances of extended downtime that DocASAP themselves were not aware of, causing significant disruption to our operations and leading to missed appointments. Even after multiple suggestions to improve their communication about scheduled and unscheduled downtimes, the issues persisted.

Though I have had constructive engagements with some of their representatives, it doesn't offset the overall poor quality of the platform. While their employees might be lovely people, the platform itself is far from it. If I could go back in time and prevent LifeBridge from signing a contract with them, I absolutely would.

In the end, we're parting ways, and as of my experience up to 2023, I would strongly advise against using them. Their service has been consistently disappointing and their analytics offering is significantly below par.

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A verified Executive sponsor working with DocASAP Online Appointment Scheduling from a medium-sized, ACO hospital.



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