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Eliminating the mental health services gap in the U.S.
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Regroup provides integrated telepsychiatry services to healthcare entities and their patients across the United States. With its nationwide network of behavioral health clinicians, proven process, and virtual care platform, RegroupConnect, Regroup delivers over 12,000 patient sessions per month and provides services to over 150 care sites in 23 states in various settings, including Community & Mental Health Clinics, Hospitals & Health Systems, Primary Care & Multi-specialty Groups, Corrections, Native American Tribes, and Payors.
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Use cases


With Array’s on-demand telepsychiatry services, the onsite care team at your hospital can connect seamlessly with our remote psychiatric professionals who can evaluate patients via video and determine appropriate disposition. This improves bed availability and care for everyone.

Our telepsychiatry clinicians can also initiate treatment from the hospital with a bridge back to a community resource. They also help hospitals and their staff conduct remote psychiatric consultation liaison services and can be used as a peer-to-peer consult resource to support strained and overextended in-person staff in the ED, on the med floors, and within psychiatric inpatient units.

COVID-19 use cases:

Integrated telepsychiatry solution

Pediatric use cases:

Regroup can provide specialized clinical services, including Child & Adolescent consult services depending on the specifications of our customer partner.


Clinical staff


Differentiators vs EHR Functionality:
Integrated telepsychiatry has been proven to match clinicians to specific patient needs, resolve supply and demand challenges (increased demand of services and small supply clinicians), and coordinate care behavioral and other care services. Telepsychiatry enables the deployment of one or multiple clinicians across multiple sites. This helps to increase the productivity of both teleclincians onsite staff and maximizes time with patients. The ability to deliver much-needed services also eliminates travel for onsite clinicians and/or travel required by a patient referred to an outside specialist not located in a convenient geographic area. Telepsychiatry also provides the ability to scale and more easily customize staffing needs based on patient needs. As the teleclinician is able to fully dedicate their time to patient care, this allows for increased bandwidth of in-person clinicians.
Differentiators vs Competitors:
Regroup's care delivery model is founded on a simple approach. Regroup and its clinicians adapt to the client's workflow without the need to customize or alter processes in order to implement integrated telepsychiatry. This approach allows Regroup to mirror in-person behavioral health sessions and provide an uninterrupted patient experience. Our clinicians are embedded as part of the onsite care team, leading not only to better patient outcomes but results in the care team viewing the Regroup clinician as a seamless extension of their team. With an extensive recruitment process overseen by Regroup's Medical Director that ensures clinician fit for the partner and telepsychiatry care, Regroup clinician retention rates exceed 85%, helping increase continuity so patients visit with the same clinician throughout the entirety of their treatment.
Company information

Founded in 2011

13.9M total equity funding

Select which hospital or health system you work at and see a personalized match score.

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