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Orbita Bedside Assistant

Orbita Bedside Assistant

Orbita Bedside Assistant

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Orbita Bedside Assistant
Orbita Bedside Assistant



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Orbita Bedside Assistant uses AI and smart devices to direct patient requests to the best resource.

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Created and vetted in close partnership with nurses, this bedside virtual assistant empowers hands-free, patient-provider communication. It uses AI-powered request prioritization and smart-routing to ensure that the right resource (RN, another caregiver, etc.) is aligned to meet the needs of patients.

Orbita Bedside Assistant uses smart speakers at the bedside. When patients need assistance, they simply speak their request (instead of using the call button). Orbita’s artificial intelligence triages the request, routing it to the right resource (so both patients’ and nurses’ needs are met).

Key benefits:
* Supports nurse resources and positive patient outcomes: Orbita Bedside Assistant immediately engages patients, confirming that their request is received. This provides rich information to nurses about the nature of the request, equipping them to prioritize care for improved patient outcomes.
* Enables nurses to spend more time with their patients: Studies have shown that nurses can spend 100 extra minutes a day and walk four to five miles completing tasks and trips to see patients. Orbita Bedside Assistant supports nurses by empowering them to spend more time providing direct patient care by eliminating unnecessary activities.
* Improves the patient experience: Orbita Bedside Assistant engages patients by allowing them to access the support and information they need 24/7 using conversational AI technology. Orbita Bedside Assistant also connects patients with entertainment services and can enable smart controls of the patient room.

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Use cases

Traditional call buttons are not adequate for communicating patients’ real needs. This leads to caregiver stress, alarm fatigue, and resourcing inefficiencies. Patient satisfaction scores suffer when patients don’t feel they can reach or communicate with the on-call nursing staff. Patients who do not get timely help are more likely to be subject to risks, such as pressure injuries and falls. OrbitaASSIST serves as an alternative or adjunct to traditional call button system. It interprets patient requests and routes and prioritizes them for care teams
Hospitalized patients and their visitors (to communicate requests with clinical and non-clinical staff); Nurses and other care team members; Future use cases include skilled nursing facilities, assisted living environments, and home care

Differentiators vs EHR Functionality:
Out of the box Market proven (results validated via pilot) Conceived and built with hundreds and hundreds of hours of nurse expertise
Differentiators vs Competitors:
* AI-powered request prioritization and smart-routing requests the right resource to meet the patient’s needs * Patients and nurses need only their voice to call for assistance or support, from anywhere in the room * Patients receive verbal confirmation that help is on the way * Nurses and care team see prioritized patients’ needs right away and can respond appropriately * The right person that responds to the request is the one who receives the request and takes action * Nursing managers and hospital administrators have access to data and insights previously unavailable * Access to FAQs, reminders, entertainment, news combat isolation, and improve the patient experience
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Founded in 2015

7.5M total equity funding

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