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DocASAP Care-Driven Outreach

DocASAP Care-Driven Outreach

DocASAP Care-Driven Outreach

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DocASAP Care-Driven Outreach is a solution provided by DocASAP which was founded in 2012. It belongs to the digital health solution ED-based SUD Interventions.
It has 13 verified clients.
DocASAP’s Care-Driven Outreach solution encourages patients and health plan members to play a more active role in their health and helps streamline access to care. With increasing preferences to interacting with health plans and healthcare providers through digital channels, healthcare organizations can proactively engage consumers at important points in their healthcare journey to drive operational and care delivery efficiencies, ensure care plan compliance, and increase patient loyalty. DocASAP delivers this through a client-branded, mobile-friendly experience. DocASAP’s Care-Driven Outreach solution helps support care plan compliance for high-risk, high-cost populations. Healthcare systems and health plans can engage patients and health plan members through timely notifications that enable them to conveniently schedule an appointment. This outreach helps address missed milestones based on individual care plans and communication preferences. Powered by DocASAP’s patient outreach framework, healthcare organizations will save time and resources conducting outreach, deliver better health outcomes and reduce costs. DocASAP Outreach supports prevention and wellness initiatives, such as mammography and flu shot reminders, and creates awareness of new services lines. Patients can receive actionable, customized notifications regarding their prescriptions to ensure they never miss a pickup or refill.
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Founded in 2012

14.0M total equity funding



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