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Best Remote Monitoring (RPM) Products

Best Remote Monitoring (RPM) Products

The internet of things (IoT) continues to grow and the devices that can measure and monitor physical conditions are becoming smarter, smaller, simpler to use, and more sophisticated. Established legacy players, new entrants, and new use cases are creating more choices for health systems than ever before and, at the same time, regulatory changes and growing risk populations are creating more financial opportunity. Key data points that illustrate this opportunity include:

  1. 45% of the US population has at least one chronic disease: accounting for 81% of all admissions, 91% of all prescriptions, and 76% of all physician visits
  2. The number of orthopedic surgeries annually is expected to grow to 6.6 Million by 2020
  3. 90% of seniors plan to stay in their homes
  4. Use of remote patient monitoring (RPM) is expected to continue to grow at CAGR of 47.9% and reach 50 Million patients by 2021
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Buyer's Guide

April 1, 2021
Remote patient monitoring buyer’s guide

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is the ability for patients to share biometric and other data from a non-clinical setting, like their home, with their care team as part of a provider-supported program of care. Populations who most benefit from RPM are patients with uncontrolled chronic conditions such as hypertension, congestive heart failure, and diabetes; seniors with multiple and complex conditions; and patients with a rising risk of the conditions listed above.