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Level up your  marketingand  salesgame with our  premium offerings.

Our premium offerings can provide valuable insights to help you get closer to your buyers, unlock new growth opportunities, and gain a competitive edge in your industry.

Market Insights

Gain peace of mind by understanding how well you stack up against the needs of today's health systems.

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Unlock valuable insights into what health systems are looking for and gain a deeper understanding of your relative market position, enabling you to make informed business decisions with confidence.

In addition, you will be provided with a self-assessment tool to evaluate how your product(s) compare to others in the market.

Each Market Insights report includes:

Top health system use cases

“What good looks like” -what health systems are looking for from an offering

Potential value drivers

Barries/conditions for success

Our premium offerings bring tangible results and the numbers speak for themselves.
Increase in product comparisons
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Increase in product downloads
Increase in product page views

Product Review

Get a deep dive with an AVIA expert on your product offering and see how you can improve to meet the needs of today's healthcare landscape.

How it works

A call with an AVIA expert to share your company overview, key value proposition and a product demo

AVIA expert completes the AVIA assessment based on the conversation and docs shared

AVIA provides an assessment report out, inclusive of a sample blinded competitive comparison, with key observations and insights

With AVIA's product review, you'll have access to an expert who will evaluate your offering based on the criteria that matter most to health systems, giving you a competitive edge. Think of it like a trip to the mechanic for a tune-up, but for your product offering!

Next you'll receive a detailed report with key insights to help you better meet the needs of the market. Our assessment process is designed to provide you with actionable feedback that can help you make informed decisions and achieve your business goals.

What's included:

Top health system uses cases addressed

Product functionality critical to health system

Ability to deliver on key value propositions

Implementation and scalability

Marketplace Premium

Target, engage and nurture your future customers by maximizing your AVIA Marketplace presence.

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Grow your warm pipeline.

Take advantage of co-promoted content and on-platform ads to promote your brand and maximize your reach. Also, get access to enhanced profile features designed to make your business stand out, such as custom banners, videos, and gated content.

Improve conversion rates.

Identify potential customers seeking solutions like yours and gain transparency on their role and organization. Use advanced targeting and effective content marketing to increase traffic, reach your audience, and lower acquisition costs through tailored campaigns.

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Land, expand, and retain.

Play offense and defense at the same time. Know when a current customer might be looking for alternatives or exploring products to expand their business with you.

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What's included: Premium Profile: Stand out with custom banners and videos, client spotlights, and on-platform advertising. In-app overlays: Convert traffic to leads with gated content to quantify intent. Newsletter placement: Extend reach to targeted buyer audience. Network display ads: Increase traffic to your profile, including targeting & retargeting. Need help with ad creative? We can do that too. BuyerIntelligence: Get real insight into your buyer’s research, thought process, competitive analysis, and decision making – right from the source, right when it happens.

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