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MediNav is a solution provided by Connexient, An Everbridge Company which was founded in 2012. It belongs to the digital health solution Wayfinding.
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MediNav integrates with major EMRs such as Epic, Cerner.
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EHR integration


Acute care EMR, Ambulatory EMR, Ancillary EMR, Patient portal, Website / public online sources, Other

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Recommended, but not required

EMRs Supported:

Epic, Cerner

Hardware Compatibility:

Desktop, Mobile / Tablet (native app), Other


**The Revolution of Indoor Navigation** Connexient is dedicated to creating innovative Indoor Mapping, Navigation and Indoor Location-based Services Solutions for Healthcare and other Enterprise verticals. **MediNav starts with the world's most advanced and intuitive "blue dot" indoor navigation,** with audio prompts, off-route notification and much more. # More than Mobile Thanks to our 20 years of experience in Hospital wayfinding, Connexient understands and addresses the unique needs of Healthcare networks and your users - whether they be patients, visitors or staff - with rich features that solve real world problems. * **Parking Planner and My Car Saver -** that navigate users to the best parking location based on their appointment location inside the facility and saves their car’s parking location to return when they are finished. * **“All Screens” Solution** – ensuring that patients and visitors can access vital information anytime and anywhere across Mobile, Web, Kiosks and Digital Signage. * **Outdoor + Indoor, Campus and Network-wide Wayfinding** - guiding users across all the challenges of a campus and network of off-site facilities. * **Mobile Application SDKs and Web APIs** – to enable integration of maps and navigation into existing mobile and Web applications. # Enterprise Solution While we start by addressing the first “killer application” of Patient Experience, Connexient's vision is to **_Navigation-Enable the Enterprise_**. We are focused on the question of how Indoor Navigation can drive compelling value for users and ROI across the Enterprise in areas such as: * Operational & Staff Efficiency; * Asset Tracking & Logistics; * Facility Management; * Safety & Security; * and more. Connexient is therefore dedicated to providing the platform, tools and services required to provide and maintain Navigation-quality maps and Navigation Services as an Enterprise solution.
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Use cases

Patient, Visitor and Staff Wayfinding Patient Experience Improving efficiency of existing asset tracking solutions Improving efficiency of existing Facility Management solutions Improving Safety & Security response
COVID-19 use cases:
Hospitals can use our mobile app to direct patients to the correct COVID-19 screening process, as well as steer routine patient visits away from harm. We offer COVID-19 education alerting, COVID-19 Symptom Checker, Screening Waypoints, and Contact Tracing.
Patients, Visitors, Vendors and Staff

Differentiators vs EHR Functionality:
**1\. Unique Capabilities.** Connexient is has pioneered and pushed forward the space of Enterprise Indoor Mapping, Navigation and Digital Wayfinding. Our combination of experience, unique and proprietary tools and processes and capabilities could not be developed or implemented by any Enterprise currently. **2\. Cost and Time.** The cost and time required to develop and deploy indoor navigation at Enterprise scale internally would be many multiples higher in just staffing alone. The only viable option would be to put together multiple technologies and platforms, each with their own license costs, and develop a custom solution by trial and error. Connexient's SaaS solution and turn-key services dramatically reduce cost of both deployment and maintenance when all factors are considered. **3\. Efficacy.** In order for Indoor Navigation to work, a user must be able to download an application, begin using it immediately, and be guided flawlessly through a labrynth of corridors - and often indoors and outdoors across campuses and through parking garages - with a user experience they will compare to outdoor navigation with Google or Apple. Connexient's knowledge, tools and processes we have developed - and most importantly our singular focus on these challenges - have made us the leading company in this field. This would be very difficult to replicate with in-house IT staff or developers at any cost.
Differentiators vs Competitors:
Connexient has all of the technologies, domain knowledge and experience required for the successful deployment of Digital Wayfinding and Navigation Services as a Platform for Hospitals and Healthcare networks. **1\. Integrated All Screens Digital Wayfinding.** Encompassing Digital Signage, Kiosk, Web and Mobile to address all demographics, and all use cases needed to solve the challenges of Wayfinding. **2\. True Turn-by-Turn Mobile Indoor Navigation.** Connexient has developed and successfully deployed at scale in over 60M SF the world’s most advanced true turn-by-turn indoor navigation solution for mobile devices that includes rich Indoor Location-based features and services. **3\. Healthcare Focus.** Connexient’s 100% focus on the healthcare vertical market has resulted in a “Best of Breed” Indoor Navigation and Digital Wayfinding solution that addresses unique healthcare centric features and uses cases. **4\. Enterprise-grade Indoor Mapping and Data Services.** The Connexient team brings 20 years+ experience in Hospital Wayfinding and a fanatical focus and dedication to Enterprise-grade Indoor Mapping and Data Services, to insure that your patients, visitors and staff have a flawless, intuitive experience that gets them to their destinations. This is complemented by a cloud-based Map Editor and CMS, which - if desired - in the future can enable Client staff to manage your own updates and instantly publish to all platforms. **5\. Experience and Proven Ability to Deliver at Scale**. There is a huge difference between a 'blue dot demo' and a solution that can reliability and intuitively navigate users through a labrynth of hallways in a large, complex facility. Connexient has proven its ability with over 30 clients, 60 sites and 60 million square feet of indoor navigation. And we continue to grow and rapidly improve our tools and processes. **6\. Enterprise Navigation Platform-as-a-Service.** While Patient and Visitor Experience is without doubt the first use case “killer application”, Connexient’s driving vision and product roadmap is as a platform + services solution to Navigation-Enable the Enterprise. The **MediNav APIs and SDKs** make it possible for clients to integrate MediNav Digital Maps, Wayfinding, Navigation and Location Services into existing applications and platforms over time, delivering increasing value to your patients, visitors and staff.
Company information

Founded in 2012

4.5M total equity funding