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Kaizen Health is a solution provided by Kaizen Health which was founded in 2016. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT), Consumer Access & Engagement, and Coordinated Community Networks.
It has 14 verified clients.
Each year in the United States, nearly 4 million people miss a combined 24 million appointments due to lack of transportation. These missed appointments result in nearly $150 billion in avoidable downstream costs. Poor access to transportation leads to increases in length of stay; higher readmission rates; increases in total medical cost; reduced continuity of care; ineffective CM/DM efforts; and lower patient satisfaction. Health care outcomes are also influenced by social and environmental factors (SDOH) every bit as much as clinical interventions. Since 2016, Kaizen Health has been helping top health care organizations improve the experience of accessing non-emergency medical transportation on behalf of their patients and other stakeholders. We are a technology and healthcare logistics firm committed to fostering health and wellness by connecting people, products, and services. We pair our HIPAA/HITRUST/SOC 2 compliant platform with a nationwide network of transportation and logistics partners to assist clients with addressing challenges across the SDOH spectrum. While our technology and our approach to service are very much our own, we strive to make our services appear to the end user as an extension of the experience of clinical care. This means full white-labeling, custom messaging, and a user-facing experience informed by the objectives and expectations of our provider partners. The result? A better patient experience, superior continuity of care and facility utilization, reduced administrative burden, and better health outcomes.
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Company information

Founded in 2016

3.8M total equity funding


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