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Remote Monitoring is a solution provided by Care Angel which was founded in 2014. It belongs to the digital health solution Remote Monitoring (RPM).
It has 2 verified clients.
Remote Monitoring integrates with major EMRs such as Epic, Cerner, and Allscripts.
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Developer of Angel, the world's first AI and voice first, patient engagement communication services. We operate on the promise of ease and empowerment for the beneficiary and their families to confidently participate in managing their health. Angel, an intelligent and empathetic virtual nurse assistant, automates quality care management, care coordination, member engagement, RPM, medication adherence and care navigation for at risk senior and underserved populations, without the need for expensive technology. Beneficiaries need nothing more than a telephone to optimally participate in their own care. Our unique, omni-channel approach enables other modes of engagement like CareText, CareChat, CareMail, CareWeb, a mobile app and integration with Alexa and other voice modalities. Our programs deliver 360-degree care for total physical health and emotional well-being of entire populations. Our partnerships, comprised of 3rd-party services, supports health navigation to conveniently gain access to additional relevant services like telemedicine, call centers, appts, referrals, medical supplies, housing, transportation, crisis hotlines, social workers and more.

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EHR integration

Use case dependent
Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, athena, Allscripts/Eclipsys, Other, eClinicalWorks
Desktop, Mobile / Tablet (web optimized), Mobile / Tablet (native app), Other
Use cases and differentiators

Remote patient monitoring (RPM)


Care Angel developed Angel, virtual nurse assistant, powered by AI + voice first technology. The service is multi-modal, highly scalable, effective and efficient to support population health, chronic condition management, care coordination and post discharge to drive effective patient</>provider communications between visits and enable data collection from home proactively to identify gaps in care and address them in real-time.


Care Angel has proven expertise in deploying the solution as follows:


Not-connected – via cognitive technology, Angel conversationally speaks with the patient by telephone or chat to collect vitals and other wellbeing information and data, proactively and in near real-time to identify gaps, connect patient to the appropriate resource and improve quality and outcomes.


Connected using sensors or devices that the member already has or via an existing partnership program Care Angel has with BioIntellisense. Angel collects data and information from device to proactively and in near real-time to alert or notify the appropriate resource, improving care efficiency, effectiveness, quality and outcomes.


Condition specific – Care Angel can deploy Angel is over 200 voices, 70 languages and an infinite number of disease specific programs, co-morbidities and/or complex care plans. Engagement, monitoring, management and support of one or more chronic conditions such as diabetes, pre-diabetes, hypertension, heart-failure, kidney disease, COPD, behavioral health, opioid and other addictions, PLUS post-acute care management, medication adherence monitoring, medication reconciliation, annual assessments for disease prevention or progression and other use cases that can be customized to meet exact needs, KPI and quality goals. Care Angel is capable of delivering engagement at massive scale, resulting in improved financial and clinical outcomes. Clinicians are able to practice at the top of their license. Patients are more empowered to engage in their health and wellbeing.

End users are consumers. The services are deployed via providers, hospitals, health systems, ACOs, health plans, telemedicine and/or digital health partner, pharma and other methods.

EHRs are beginning to realize that the data is TRAPPED within their systems and they exist largely for billing purposes. Not actionable. Not predictive. Not user friendly. Not easily shareable.

“Electronic health records and billing systems are pervasive in the industry, so the next frontier will be on leveraging the data." ~Cerner

Care Angel configures a robust dashboard to suit client specific business logic and workflow for operational efficiency, labor cost efficiency, care management, prevention and cost reduction. You can easily connect to your internal systems or configure to your EHR.

Care Angel

Key differentiators vs. chatbot, IVR, SMS and Call Center HR



1.    Engage Your ENTIRE Population (Better Reach than Chatbots, Higher Patient Retention Than IVR)


·      Care Angel's AI and Voice and chat engagement solution allows Care Angel to meet members where they are technologically. No hardware spend needed to access patient populations. 

·      Works over landline, cell phone, smart phone and computer browser. No need for an incremental hardware spend to access patient populations. 

·      Sophisticated engagement solutions dramatically reduces patient fatigue and attrition associated with IVR


2.    Maximum Clinical Efficiency

·      A Virtual Assistant to support every Nurse and Care Manager 

·      Care Angel automates a nurse/care managers repetitive and routine daily tasks associated with telephonic outreach, care for 7-8 times more patients without increasing labor costs.


3.    Innovative AI and NLP-Based Approach

·      Care Angel uses highly structured Narrow AI and Natural Language Processing to drive a guided care conversation based on clinically validated Care Plans (ours or yours)

·      This guided process allows the collection of biometric, physical, psychosocial and contextual data through voice (or sms or chat depending on technology).

·      There is a dynamic Care Pathway for each patient response.


4.     Care 360 - Integrated Population Management Solution

·      Care 360 consolidates disparate communication services into a single platform. (medication adherence, appointment scheduling, reminders, post-discharge, surveys, assessments, etc. 

·      Manage multiple co-morbid conditions concurrently for both chronic and post-discharge populations. 

·      Adapts dynamically to adjust care plans in response to care call responses, unexpected episodic hospitalization and post discharge follow up. 

·      Collects HEDIS, STAR, CAPHS survey data, and pushes reminders (medication, appointment, health screening, etc).  


5.    Highest reach and ROI in the Market

·      7:1 ROI


6.     Connecting the WHOLE Care Ecosystem

Care Angel's integrated approach to care monitoring and management ensures that data and information flows seamlessly to the dashboard and stakeholders when and how they need it. 

For Nurses/Care Managers

·      Robust clinical dashboard and rules engine that allow proactive patient management

·      Care Connect - Synchronous and asynchronous communication. Nurses/Case Managers can select from pre-written messages to respond to member, record, send and receive custom audio messages and more


·      Actionable and automated navigation to appropriate resource. Allowing for active issue resolution and support faster, to improve outcomes

·      Extend nurse/care manager capacity and increase patient touch-points between visits

·      Allow clinicians to practice at the top of their license by automating the redundant and routine tasks, and making more time for direct patient care

·      Capture and share (with PCP) detailed information about the patients’ conditions and the specific actions taken regarding patient

For Primary Care Doctors

·      Care Fax – innovative e-fax solution that bridges Care Angel’s cutting edge care management solution with the reality of many of today’s medical practices. Seamlessly communicate relevant patient data to PCPs through an automated fax-based solution

·      EMR Integration - Care Angel's open API's also allow direct integration into PCP EMR either directly or through our integration partnership


Family Caregiver

·      Alerts, notifications and regular reports through the Care Angel App, browser and app allow family care givers unequalled insight into the care process. (optional)

Company information

Founded in 2014

13.0M total equity funding



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AI and Voice Powered Virtual Nurse Assistant


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