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Mahmee Membership


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Mahmee Membership is a solution provided by Mahmee which was founded in 2014. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Complex Care Management, Reproductive Telemedicine, and Comprehensive Perinatal Care.
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The Mahmee Membership gives each patient their own team of registered nurses, lactation consultants, doulas, mental health coaches, nutrition coaches and care coordinators — available seven days a week, virtually and in-person. Enterprise organizations can purchase memberships at value-based pricing for the entire episode of care, from pregnancy through baby’s first birthday, making the Mahmee Membership the easiest and most cost-effective way to offer comprehensive support to a population of patients. 

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Use cases and differentiators

Mahmee delivers outcomes-based prenatal and postpartum care programs for hospitals and health systems. Launch an all-inclusive care program featuring registered nurses, infant feeding, doula care, mental health, nutrition, and care coordination. 

We're partners to your clinical staff. We answer common pregnancy and postpartum questions seven days a week. If issues arise, we assist patients with contacting their doctor or the hospital. 

The Mahmee Membership provides unlimited lactation and postpartum wraparound support that complements your clinical care. With Mahmee, patients are more likely to breastfeed and less likely to have NICU readmissions. The Membership includes private appointments, classes, and groups. 

Pregnant and postpartum people (up to one year postpartum).

The Mahmee team works together to ensure comprehensive care, leveraging our proprietary software built specifically for the maternal and infant dyad. This innovative system consolidates both maternal and infant health records into one unified profile. 

Mahmee extends its services through a user-friendly app and an accessible online platform, allowing patients to conveniently access their personalized care plans at their convenience. Patients benefit from timely check-ins tailored to their conditions and specific gestational ages. They also enjoy limitless communication options, including messaging, appointments, support groups, classes, and coaching sessions. 

Moreover, Mahmee's software includes essential monitoring tools, empowering patients to track vital indicators such as blood pressure, infant weight, and kick counts. Our nursing team closely oversees these monitors and promptly intervenes if any concerns arise. Finally, Mahmee houses a rich repository of over 300 educational articles available in both English and Spanish, ensuring that patients have access to crucial pregnancy and postpartum resources. 

Mahmee distinguishes itself through its comprehensive and inclusive approach to maternal care. Unlike many maternal health companies that provide limited services, Mahmee offers a wraparound model that encompasses nursing, lactation consultants, doulas, mental health coaches, nutritionists, and care coordinators. Mahmee's unique blend of in-person and virtual care options ensures accessibility while acknowledging the importance of personal touch in enhancing patient outcomes and birthing experiences. Additionally, our commitment to health equity is evident in culturally sensitive providers and evidence-based strategies aimed at reducing racial disparities in maternal health. 

Health Equity

Company information

Founded in 2014

12.2M total equity funding


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