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SPOT is a solution provided by Doctor Flint Limited which was founded in 2015. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Behavioral Health and Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Recovery.
Some other resource(s) that may be helpful in learning about SPOT include: A Buyer’s Guide to Digital Behavioral Health and Top Digital Behavioral Health Companies Report
SPOT is a novel Clinician Decision Support Digital Health CE-marked medical device platform. Using AI, SPOT is able to harness information to enable the development of guidelines and predict prescriber performance to ensure safe and effective treatment of pain. SPOT supports prescribers switching patients addicted or misusing opioids to buprenorphine as part of a medication-assisted treatment regime to reduce the risk of opioid overdose death. SPOT is also used in palliative and end of life care settings to support opioid switch in cases of toxicity or unwanted side effects. In a real world, cross setting and multi-professional study in the NHS it is proven to significantly improve the confidence of opioid prescribing in users and adherence to best practice guidelines. SPOT is designed to reduce unwarranted variation and primary and secondary harms when prescribing opioids whilst supporting warranted variation of choice to align to individual situations, values and side effect profiles. SPOT is able to monitor drug usage and spend and suggest lower-cost opioids to users to reduce costs to healthcare organisations. SPOT is currently in use in the NHS.
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SPOT is currently in active day-to-day use in the NHS. SPOT is deployed Board-wide to all NHS Borders prescribers including pharmacists, nurses and physicians.
Physicians, Nurses, Independent Prescribers, Non-medical prescribers, Pharmacists
1. Clinical Validation - multi-site cross-professional study 2. CE-Mark + MDR. All medical device regulatory approvals 3. NHS Scotland Quality Assurance Framework for Medical Device Apps Approved https://rightdecision.scot.nhs.uk/spot-safer-prescribing-of-opiooids-tool/ 4. Ability to monitor prescriber performance and identify users and areas that would benefit from retraining and eduction 5. Monitor and manage opioid drug spend 6. Customise local formulary to offer lower-cost opioids first line to manage drug spend 7. Using AI, able to predict the likelihood of individual prescriber errors and the magnitude of the error. 8. Management reports allowing benchmarking between and within organisations and clinical areas
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Select which hospital or health system you work at and see a personalized compatibility level.


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