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OBASHI Consulting is a solution provided by Obashi Technology Ltd which was founded in 2016. It belongs to the digital health solution Provider Directory.
Our consultants can support organisations with a wide variety of business challenges including but not limited to; Infrastructure risk management, regulatory compliance, cyber security, business transformation. Our clients often identify a critical need to understand how their business and technology assets relate to each other and the business advantage of optimizing the flow of their data. Obashi solves this. During our consulting projects we utilise our fully scalable OBASHI cloud-based platform to automate the OBASHI Methodology allowing us to model and produce Business & IT diagrams (B&IT’s) and Dataflow Analysis Views (DAVs). Our platform has an intuitive customisable front end that allows the project team to start creating their own visual representations of the way the people, process and technology interact across an organisation. Using the 6 Obashi layers a pictorial and data rich model can be constructed. Like the flow of water, we are continually evolving at Obashi, shaping and changing our landscape. Consulting opportunities and partnerships are driven by our customers and the trends we see shaping our business. Our projects will; • Provide a framework to document and model how people, process and technology interact through a business • Create a single source of truth across an organisation • Provide dynamic reporting across people, process and technology • Provide dataflows through the people, process and technology • Provide understanding of potential disruption and highlight key risks • Align leadership and organisational expectations around a change programme, strategic importance and deliverables • Facilitate better continuity and delivery of change outcomes • Remove false consensus/misalignment amongst leadership • Drive ownership and role clarity required to succeed • Improve integrated bottom up and top down support over time • Reduce apathy/frustration and organisation wide disruption • Mitigate the potential of delayed targets due to poor preparation and assumptions
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