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Rev/Track Payments Intelligence Tools

Rev/Track Payments Intelligence Tools

Rev/Track Payments Intelligence Tools

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Rev/Track Payments Intelligence Tools
Rev/Track Payments Intelligence Tools


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Rev/Track Payments Intelligence Tools is a solution provided by Sift Healthcare which was founded in 2017. It belongs to the digital health solution Revenue Cycle Management.
It has 3 verified clients.
Rev/Track Payments Intelligence Tools integrates with major EMRs such as Cerner, Epic, and Meditech.
Some other resource(s) that may be helpful in learning about Rev/Track Payments Intelligence Tools include: Q&A with Dominic Foscato of Sift: A data-driven approach to financial engagement and Top Patient Billing and Payment Companies Report | 2023

Unprecedented access to your payments data. Sift’s Rev/Track reporting dashboards and Insights Reports deliver custom, enhanced operational intelligence that enables better benchmarking and data-driven decision-making. Sift's Rev/Track tools provide a comprehensive analysis of historical and current billed procedures, forecasting how payments will perform as a result of current payer and payment trends – and what can be done to improve outcomes.

Access and learn from your data at any time with Sift’s Rev/Track command center. Sift’s dynamic Rev/Track dashboards provide detailed, granular reporting for all levels within a provider organization, from the C-Suite to functional team leaders.

  • Full lifecycle view, tracking the impact of every claim
  • Early warning system – trend tracking and alerts
  • Payer Scorecards
  • Portfolio views of payments, covering both Payers and Patients

Delivery of a complete picture of your payment behavior. Sift's detailed Rev/Track Insights Reports serve as actionable analyst reports that highlight trends, problems and opportunities that directly impact revenue.

Sift integrates clinical and coding data to enhance root cause analytics. Sift predicts the weighted contributions of upstream clinical workflow data inputs by tying together concurrent and back-end denial and overturn patterns. This enables deep drill-downs of the clinical and account data that contribute to predicted denials.

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EHR integration

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Recommended, but not required
Cerner, Epic, Meditech, Allscripts
None provided
Use cases and differentiators

Payers are continually finding new ways to involve front-end and clinical resources in receiving and appealing denials. Sift’s Rev/Track tools provide revenue cycle teams *and* clinicians with proactive alerts and intelligence to prioritize and reduce their administrative burden so they can focus more on their patients and less on appeals.

CFOs, VP of revenue cycle, denials managers, patient financial solution personnel, etc.

Rev/Track delivers unified payments intelligence, aggregating disparate data from various sources and delivering in-depth analysis from a team of revenue cycle experts. 

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Company information

Founded in 2017

2.5M total equity funding



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