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Suggestic - Precision Eating App

Suggestic - Precision Eating App

Suggestic - Precision Eating App

Suggestic - Precision Eating App
Suggestic - Precision Eating App


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Suggestic - Precision Eating App is a solution provided by Suggestic which was founded in 2014. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Personalized wellness, DIY Care, and Nutrition Support.
Top Suggestic Features: ● Guided programs for any health goal. Choose from 20+ different diets: Keto, Paleo, Mediterranean, Anti-Inflammatory, and more. ● Meal suggestions at over 500.000 restaurants ● Personalized meal planner and instant grocery lists ● Track macros and calories with a single click GUIDED PROGRAMS Answer our short quiz to discover the ideal program to help you reach your goals. We’ve partnered with the world’s top experts in the fields of diet and nutrition to bring you the best programs, with an edge. RESTAURANT MEAL SUGGESTIONS Eating out? No problem. Suggestic is the only app that can suggest program-compliant meals at over 500,000 restaurants in the US. Staying on track was never so easy! RECIPES, MEAL PLANNER AND SHOPPING LISTS Delicious, easy-to-make recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks. Automatically plan your entire week with meals that match your selected program. And with a single click, create an instant shopping list for your convenience. STAYING ON TRACK Enjoy hundreds of hours of instructional videos and keep on track with supportive emails, notifications, and easy-to-do tasks. Effortlessly track your suggested meals, enter them manually or scan the barcodes. Learn more at: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/suggestic-precision-eating/id1122309887
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Founded in 2014

1.2M total equity funding



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