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encryptiDATA is a solution provided by Onorach which was founded in 2009. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Personal Health Records (PHR) and Staff Safety.
Designed for the highly regulated requirements of GMP, GCP life science environments, encryptiDATA is a secure e-Form data capture system combining the simplicity of a ballpoint pen or a tablet device with the security of encrypted digital data capture. From single or multiple locations worldwide, users can capture and securely send data in real-time using a digital ballpoint pen and paper forms (which have embedded digital technology) or a tablet or other mobile device. Information is encrypted, sent, decoded and distributed to your organisations' systems and databases seamlessly. Create: Onorach provide a service allowing clients to have their existing paper forms converted into e-forms as well as designing new forms from scratch. Capture: Data is captured quickly via digital pen and paper, or by tablet. Completed forms are sent securely via Bluetooth with a mobile phone of using wifi. Flexible formatting enables clients to collect the right level of information including photos, signatures, sketches, GPS locations and more. Control: Receive forms from out in the field in real-time as data that seamlessly integrates with your back office systems. Clients have control of managing users, forms and groups and can remotely create and send new forms to selected users. Compatability: encryptiDATA works on Android, Windows and iOS platforms. Compliance: encryptiDATA also offers an electronic 'archive' in order to assist clients with the requirement in clinical trial regulations to retain medical files and essential documents for at least 5 years after the conclusion of the trial. Security: The system is ISO27001 compliant with dual decryption logic. Because no files are stored as text, encryptiDATA gives protection levels which exceed current pharma industry requirements. encryptiDATA can send data via the NHS IGSCO/N3 connection directly into the NHS network. The system tracks all data entries and movements providing full audit traceability.
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