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Digital Wayfinding

Digital Wayfinding


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Digital Wayfinding is a solution provided by Everbridge which was founded in 2002. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Wayfinding and Consumer Access & Engagement.
Leveraging Indoor Positioning Everbridge's Digital Wayfinding solution provides real-time location and navigation cues, without tracking personal or identifiable information, as patients and visitors move throughout the hospital campus. The solution features blue dot turn-by-turn navigation, audio prompts, off-route notification and much more. Features include: + True Turn-by-Turn Indoor Navigation. Provides reliable indoor positioning accuracy of 1 to 2 meters, navigation cues, visual landmark references, off-route notification and more. + Parking Planner. Helps patients and visitors easily find a garage closest to their destination within the hospital, automatically detecting arrival in the garage, saving the parking location, and directing the user to the correct entrance, based on the parking location. + Meet Me Feature. Provides location-sharing and location based analytics, enabling patients and visitors to connect on the hospital campus. + Compatibility with Leading Infrastructures. Integrates with EHR systems and appointment scheduling apps. The solution’s location engine is compatible with all leading location infrastructures (Cisco, Centrak, Mist/Juniper, Siemens/Enlighted, HP/Aruba, etc.). + Mobile Application SDKs and Web APIs. Enables integration of maps and navigation into existing mobile and web applications. + Real-time indoor location and navigation. Helps health systems understand and improve the flow of patients and visitors as well as the patient experience.
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Founded in 2002

476.5M total equity funding



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