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Authorization Management Services

Authorization Management Services

Authorization Management Services

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Authorization Management Services
Authorization Management Services


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Authorization Management Services is a solution provided by Change Healthcare which was founded in 2007. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Revenue Cycle Management and Prior Authorization.
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Obtaining pre-authorizations without delay is essential to both preventing unnecessary delays in care and ensuring accurate reimbursement for services provided. But there are multiple challenges to administering an efficient, effective pre-authorization program, including: • Recruiting and retaining staff who have both clinical and revenue cycle expertise • Dedicating resources to stay up to date on complex, evolving guidelines and payer-specific requirements, and to manage payer responses • Lack of a consistent, technology-enabled workflow An Efficient Solution: Our Authorization Management Services staff manages pre-certification and authorization needs for inpatient and outpatient diagnostic and therapeutic services. We also provide comprehensive concurrent or retrospective inpatient authorizations after admission. Our solution includes: • Authorization Experience and Expertise – Our services are provided by clinicians (nurses or allied health depending on client need) who have specialized education in authorization requirements and commercial screening tools. Our team members average more than five years of clinical and authorization experience, stay up to date with training and compliance, and are dedicated to helping ensure that no part of your authorization request slips through the cracks. • A Centralized and Streamlined Technology Process – Our team leverages a centralized system to accelerate payer response, with processes that are efficient and repeatable. We incorporate robotic-process automation to assist with account statuses and system updates. • Thorough Authorization Clinical Review – Our team reviews each medical record, focusing on payer-specific requirements and obtaining authorization for services scheduled or rendered. We stay abreast of changes to Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial payer guidelines. • A Focus on Reducing Authorization-Related Denials – We take a holistic approach to authorization, which includes working auth-related denials. We review denied admissions, days, and services, and complete all necessary steps for reconsideration and appeal requests. Our denial workflow is customized so that we can pair expertise to the type of denial; for example, leveraging technical versus clinical staff depending on the reason for denial. • Detailed Performance Reporting – We provide detailed performance reporting that includes a month-over-month view of account activity including: √ current status √ completion percentages √ approval percentages
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