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accelerateIQ is a solution provided by physIQ which was founded in 2013. It belongs to the digital health solution Personal Health Records (PHR).
It has 5 verified clients.
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The physIQ accelerateTM solution monitors patients 24/7 to expedite decentralized clinical trials, evaluate drug safety, validate therapeutic efficacy and ease the path to swifter regulatory submissions with real-world patient data.  We do this by offering a robust digital platform with the perfect trifecta of:

1.      Sensors: 100% device agnostic, right biosensor for right patient, experts in signal detection, multivariate data collection, near real-time continuous RPM

2.      Analytics: 5 FDA-cleared biomarkers, AI-based insights, 40 algorithms, 30-year machine learning experience, “we learn you and detect when you’re changing”

3.      Infrastructure: medical grade, highly scalable, 2M+ hours of on-body patient data, consistent and clean data “you can use,” keeps original source data, rich data lake/trove

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EHR integration

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Desktop, Mobile / Tablet (native app)
Use cases and differentiators

AccelerateIQ is used to capture better safety and efficacy date in clinical trials.

  • Provides data earlier in the trial to generate more meaningful endpoints
  • Detects unforeseen safety risks and/or unrecognized benefits
  • Establishes more quantifiable data/measures vs. subjective assessments
  • Creates a more engaged participant experience (reduces patient burden and risk)
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PhysIQ products are built on decades of machine learning experience combined with leading medical insights to create full featured remote patient monitoring solution.

The AccelerateIQ solution is built on 5 FDA-cleared biomarkers, AI-based insights, 40 algorithms, 30-year machine learning experience. No other remote patient monitoring solution can match this experience.

Company information

Founded in 2013

26.4M total equity funding


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