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Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring

Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring

Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring

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Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring
Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring


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Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring is a solution provided by CareSignal which was founded in 2016. It belongs to the digital health solution Remote Monitoring (RPM).
It has 7 verified clients.
Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring integrates with major EMRs such as Epic, Cerner, and Meditech.
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CareSignal deviceless remote patient monitoring engages large patient populations via evidence-based automated texts messages or phone calls, identifying patients with worsening symptoms and alerting case managers and providers of opportunities for proactive care. With 13+ peer reviewed journal publications and industry leading engagement rates, CareSignal decreases unnecessary medical cost, facilitates right site of services, and improves health for thousands of patients a day. CareSignal has been successfully implemented in healthcare organizations across the country, including self-insured employers, payers, and health systems, with outcomes such as an average 2% HbA1c decrease per patient and $200 decrease PMPM.

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EHR integration

Acute care EMR, Patient portal, ADT
Use case dependent
Epic, Cerner, Meditech, Allscripts, NextGen, athena, GE, eClinicalWorks, McKesson, Allscripts/Eclipsys, Athenahealth, Azalea Health/Prognosis, CPSI, Evident, Healthland, MEDHOST, MedWorx, QuadraMed
Use cases and differentiators

30+ condition specific programs, including chronic conditions (COPD, CHF, Diabetes, Hypertension), behavioral health (Depression, Anxiety, SDoH), and post-discharge support.

All CareSignal programs offer a caregiver option, where a caregiver can provide answers and engage with any applicable CareSignal program, such as asthma or diabetes, on behalf of a minor.


Because CareSignal does not require any downloads, apps, passwords, or logins, it requires the least activation energy possible from the patient, which directly ties to high engagement and thus outcomes. CareSignal eliminates barriers to engagement with remote patient monitoring programs, including financial resources to have access to stable WiFi or the ability to purchase a smart phone to download an app. All a patient requires to participate in CareSignal programs is access to a phone, which makes the programs incredibility easy to use from the patient perspective that has led to high engagement rates and significant clinical and financial outcomes.

CareSignal has several key differentiators from existing products and competitors:

1)Proven clinical and financial outcomes, reduction in unnecessary utilization and hospitalizations:

13+ peer-reviewed, positive outcome research publications that give evidence to CareSignal programs both clinically and financially. Further, there are several white papers, case studies & ROI claims analyses outlining cost savings for current partners. A recent claims analysis with a current health system partner demonstrated $32M in medical cost reduction with 30k patients over 4 years. 

2)Deviceless RPM is Scalable:

Engage and monitor tens of thousands of high and rising-risk patients within weeks. Care teams can manage 15x the number of patients with the same amount of staff; a particularly important feature when healthcare budgets & personnel are under strain and the need to create sustainable, scalable proactive care models is essential for growth and success in value-based care. Case manager caseloads increase from 1:100 to 1:1,500 while maintaining high staff and patient satisfaction.

Because the programs are deviceless, activation takes minutes with tens of thousands of patients for a longer engagement period. The tech support, logistics, WiFi, and financial resources required for devices and apps are the barriers realized that prevent even the possibility of a scalable solution.

3)Accessible Technology for Long-Term Engagement and Data Collection: 

CareSignal programs allow patients to use their current phone (no downloads, no passwords, no searching required) & patients never pay for CareSignal messages, no WiFi needed, data or minutes. CareSignal programs directly address health inequities that are often exacerbated by device or app based RPM that further the digital divide.

Due to the accessibility of CareSignal programs and ease of use, the programs have 6x greater engagement than health apps and 1 in 2 patients stay engaged for 12 months+.

Longer engagement means care teams collect more data on their patients, making them able to track their patients’ progress and monitor them for longer than other remote monitoring tools. Value-based care health systems required long-term RPM programs as chronic conditions unfortunately do not last 30 days, but a life time of support, self-manage, and staying connected to their care team. CareSignal programs are designed for patients to be engaged for years at a time to support patients to better self-manage their health at home, while staying connected to their care team if they have real-time worsening symptoms.

CareSignal AI, a proprietary combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning models, powers the superior activation, engagement, and retention that allow CareSignal to generate maximum value for our partners, and their patients. By predicting which patients are likely to disengage, CareSignal AI informs preventative re-engagement, up to ten times more effective than reactive outreach. And by helping target the right patients for activation, CareSignal AI drives better, more efficient adoption, even in challenging populations.

4)High Patient Satisfaction--Easy to use and Convenient:

CareSignal’s deviceless remote patient monitoring technology is accessible and free to all users. Patients receive the programs via automated texts or calls to whichever phone they currently use, including smartphones, landlines or basic mobile phones. 

We are the only company offering free-to-end-user text messages, meaning that patients engaged with the programs NEVER pay for messages or co-pay fees associated with device RPM. 

All messages are written at or below a 6th grade reading level and programs are available in both English and Spanish with other languages available. 

Patients on CareSignal reported high satisfaction with the level of care from their provider (8.4/9), and the level of communication (7.3/9). CareSignal programs are white labeled under the brand of our partners, where patients perceive the programs as their doctor calling them every day to monitor their health and care for them at home. 

5) Scale, Sustain, and Advance Care Management to Worker Smarter, Not Harder:

CareSignal does the heavy lifting for care management teams. Instead of care teams outreaching to patients at random, CareSignal condition specific programs collect patient biometric data and symptomatology data to automatically triage patients so care teams know in real-time which patients have crossed a critical threshold (ex: hypertensive episode) and which patients are experiencing worsening symptoms. 

The speed of implementation and ability to scale CareSignal programs is unmatched in the industry. Patient engagement specialists enroll and activate 1,000+patients/week, allowing case managers to manage 15x more patients at a time and operate top of license to do what they do best: care for more patients. As opposed to manual outbound phone calls and spending their time persuading patients to use a device or download an app while providing on-going tech support to patients, CareSignal eliminates this inefficient workflow to create a data informed case management model. With real-time risk stratification for large patient populations, CareSignal focuses the time and energy of case managers to focus on the right patients at the right time. 

6) Comprehensive Portfolio To Facilitate Comprehensive, Individualized Care for Every Patient:

At present, CareSignal has 30+ disease-specific programs, including chronic heart failure, COPD, diabetes, hypertension, and behavioral health programs for patients. CareSignal collects biometric and symptomatology data that allows one solution to facilitate a comprehensive, tailored approach to patient health and address chronic conditions, behavioral health, SDoH, transitions of care, and gaps in care. Because patients often have more than one chronic condition to manage, the CareSignal portfolio is designed for patients to participate in multiple programs simultaneously in order to support a comprehensive, holistic approach to care and address all areas of patient health.

Further, value-based care health systems have chosen CareSignal for 5 areas of strategic value:

1) Engagement:

-Increase access to care teams with accessible programs that do not require WiFi

-Increase in-network utilization, reduce churn

2) FTE optimization:

-Efficient, scalable, and sustainable case management model

3) Proactive, preventative care model:

-Facilitate meaningful interactions between patients and providers in between appointments 

-Mitigate risk with the ability to manage >50% of the population

4) Rare data collection and outcomes with large patient volumes

-Increase fee schedules and upside potential in payer contracts

5) Growth in value-based care

-Thrive in risk arrangements and increase market share

-Increase contracts for self-insured, MA, etc

Company information

Founded in 2016

7.5M total equity funding



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