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Ōmcare Home Health Hub®

Ōmcare Home Health Hub®

Ōmcare Home Health Hub®


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Ōmcare Home Health Hub® is a solution provided by Omcare Inc. which was founded in 2018. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Diabetes Management, Home Health, and Remote Monitoring (RPM).
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Ōmcare is digital health company that has pioneered a customizable home health hub that enables one-touch access to telehealth services, aggregated RPM and medication dispensing with visual confirmation of med adherence.

The Ōmcare Home Health Hub® is a customizable, home health platform that allows healthcare organizations to extend care into the home via a secure telehealth infrastructure and integration with our patented medication dispensing technology. Ōmcare enables remote delivery of wrap around care coordination and integration of existing virtual care and remote patient care solutions and promising real medication adherence defined as right med, right time, right person.

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EHR integration

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Desktop, Mobile / Tablet (web optimized), Other
Use cases and differentiators

Ōmcare enables the opportunity to 'win the home' by establishing a home health beachhead aimed at:

  • Addressing the increasingly complex care needs of the Over 65 and dual populations.
  • Delivering a platform that allows for a tailored (branded) customization of current chronic and acute solutions.
  • Delivery of wrap around care coordination and integration of existing virtual care and remote patient solutions.
  • Achieving real medication adherence defined as right medication, right time, right person.

Ōmcare can be pointed either broadly at a certain market or more tactically at a specific subset of a membership group. We’ve identified three different membership segments where the Ōmcare Home Health Hub can be used to drive value.

  • Medicare Advantage: Ōmcare can serve as a differentiator for your Medicare Advantage members as part of enrollment and can ultimately both increase revenue per member ($3000-$5000) and decrease overall churn.
  • Complex Chronic: Ōmcare can drive virtual care utilization, and by care we mean more than just a virtual well visit. We can use the platform to enable on demand behavioral therapy access and increase medication adherence at the same time.
  • Dual Eligible: Ōmcare can improve the quality of their lives via expanded access to care and support services, empowering members to take more ownership of their well-being.


We believe we're just scratching the surface. This open access, home health platform can be leveraged to create any custom experience and add value across an entire care continuum.

Solid form chemotherapy home administration

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The market is filled with telehealth applications, tablets, remote patient monitoring devices, biometric sensors, wearables and medication dispensers/reminders. Ōmcare aggregates all of these capabilities into a single hub of care in the home. Ōmcare’s open API architecture enables one-touch assess to telehealth applications via voice or video, biometric integration and dispense of pouched medication direct from the pharmacy with a two-camera system that provides definitive visual confirmation med adherence.

Ōmcare is much more than a medication dispenser - it is a conduit for telehealth care in the home (wherever that is). There is literally no other product like the Ōmcare Home Health Hub®.

Company information

Founded in 2018



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Ōmcare® Care. From anywhere.®


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