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Smartlink Data Connector (SDC)

Smartlink Data Connector (SDC)

Smartlink Data Connector (SDC)

Smartlink Data Connector (SDC)
Smartlink Data Connector (SDC)


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Smartlink Data Connector (SDC) is a solution provided by Smartlink Health which was founded in 2012. It belongs to the digital health solution Personal Health Records (PHR).
Smartlink Data Connector (SDC) integrates with major EMRs such as Epic, Cerner, and Meditech.

Smartlink Data Connector (SDC) is an Integration Platform as a Service that exchanges data bidirectionally with electronic health record’s (EHRs) via the user interface. It works with any operating environment (SaaS, hosted, on-premise), and can insert or extract virtually any type of data, including documents, images, notes, discrete data, and messages. SDC eliminates the need to work with EHR vendors, and implements much faster than traditional approaches to EHR integration.

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EHR integration

Acute care EMR, Ambulatory EMR, Ancillary EMR, ERP system, Patient portal, Pop health platform, Home health, Behavioral health, Community based organizations, ADT, Access +/or revenue cycle
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Epic, Cerner, Meditech, Allscripts, NextGen, athena, GE, eClinicalWorks, McKesson, Evident, CPSI, Athenahealth, Allscripts/Eclipsys
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Use cases and differentiators

CLINICALLY INTEGRATED NETWORKS: In addition to the time and cost barriers associated with working with EHR vendors, one of the biggest challenges that CIN’s face is the depth and quality of data exposed via API. For our CIN clients, we typically start with a CCDA and then supplement with data that is missing, incomplete, or not available in the CCDA. Supplemental extractions may include detailed labs, family history, past medical/surgical history, social history, appointments, referrals, provider actions, images, assessment results. We also ext.ract scheduling, claims, and other information that may only be available in the practice management system.

Clinically Integrated Networks, HealthIT Vendor Partners, HIEs

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Using our innovative technology and approach, we free data from the constraints of innovation-blocking business models, expensive interfaces, and vendor-specific interpretations of interoperability standards. 

When it comes to integrations with small physician practices in particular, one of the biggest barriers is the time and cost associated with working with EHR vendors and their pay-to-play interfaces. SDC completely eliminates the need for EHR vendor involvement. As a result, we decrease integration timelines by at least fifty percent on average and also eliminate the costs of these interfaces, which can range up to $25,000 for ambulatory EHRs.

Additional benefits of our approach can be summarized as follows:


  • As mentioned above, there is no EHR Vendor involvement, which eliminates the associated level of effort for clinics and CIN’s and accelerates the integration process tremendously.  

  • The only effort on the clinic side is providing credentials. After that, we do all the work and there is essentially zero effort by the clinic.


  • SDC integrations take a fraction of the time required with API/HL7/CCDA based integrations.


  • SDC works with virtually any EHR, regardless of operating environment, including on premise, SAAS, and hosted systems.

  • Interpretation of interoperability standards are highly variable across EHR vendors, resulting in a wide disparity in the data that is accessible as well as the quality of data via those interfaces. Because SDC leverages the UI, SDC takes advantage of interoperability standards, but is not limited by them. SDC goes beyond the CCDA and can extract discrete data, diagnostic images, assessment screenings such as PHQ’s, family medical history, chart notes, etc..


  • The clinic has a complete audit trail of all data that has been shared via the native audit of the EHR.


  • Experience with over 70 EHRs and growing.

  • Ability to insert data back into the clinical workflow, such as inserting documents and discrete data or creating tasks, alerts, and messages.

Company information

Founded in 2012

2.9M total equity funding



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Select which hospital or health system you work at and see a personalized compatibility level.


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