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Ceresti Digital Caregiver Empowerment Platform

Ceresti Digital Caregiver Empowerment Platform

Ceresti Digital Caregiver Empowerment Platform

Ceresti Digital Caregiver Empowerment Platform
Ceresti Digital Caregiver Empowerment Platform


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Ceresti Digital Caregiver Empowerment Platform is a solution provided by Ceresti Health. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Population Health Analytics and Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Recovery.

Ceresti's digital caregiver empowerment platform is purpose-built to increase the knowledge, skills and confidence of family caregivers (e.g., spouses and adult children) who are managing changes in condition for a frail elderly loved one.  

Caregivers enroll and engage in a digital program that increases their self-efficacy via personalized education, proactive remote coaching and remote monitoring. Our progams are delivered via an app deployed on a dedicated tablet computer that is shipped to the home of the caregiver. A typical caregiver engages with their program for 40 minutes per week and reports consistently high satisfaction (NPS > 75).

We have demonstrated, with statistical significance, that upskilling family caregivers of frail elderly dementia patients reduces patient hospitalizations by 80% and medical costs by 53%. These results have been validated by an independent third party.

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Use cases and differentiators

Our current clients are Medicare Advantage health plans where our solution is deployed as supplemental benefit or as a care management program. 

We enroll and engage familiy caregivers to reduce hospitalizations and costs for frail elderly patients who depend on family caregivers to manage changes in condition. 

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

Given our validated cost savings, our solution is most appropriate for provider groups that take hospitalization risk (e.g., full cap or under the ACO Reach model). 

For those that do, we provide cost-effective engagement of family caregivers providing care for frail elderly loved ones (your patients) at home. These patients struggle with self-management, are difficult to engage in traditional program and are very expensive. 

We leverage family caregivers to detect emerging patient issues, before they require an ER visit or a hospitalization. We are "eyes and ears" in the home. 

We are a care management "tool" that is most effective when deployed in collaboration with a care management team. 

We are the only digital caregiver platform that has demonstrated statistically significant cost savings for the care recipient (patient). While we improve caregiver mental health and wellness, we measure our success and ROI by improving the health and health equity of patients. 

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