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RPM365 is a solution provided by RPM Healthcare. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including DIY Care, Diabetes Management, and Remote Monitoring (RPM).
It has 1 verified client.
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What is data collection?

The ability for individuals to use digital technology to share biometric and other health data in real-time from outside a hospital or clinic with their care team as a part of an ongoing provider-directed program of care

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​​The RPM365 Remote Patient Monitoring and Care Coaching platform by RPM Healthcare expands patient care beyond the office. By providing consistent access to physiologic data, RPM365 can help reduce costs, lower admission rates, and improve condition management and patient outcomes.​ 

​Patients take physiologic readings at home and their data is transmitted in real-time to their care team via an intuitive dashboard or EHR. The RPM Healthcare team reduces workflow disruptions by managing every aspect of patient engagement, including enrollment, device logistics, interactive communication and monitoring.​ 

​Our personalized Care Coaches work directly with patients to improve treatment adherence, supply required documentation, and triage escalations. Customizable alerts notify all interested care team members if a patient's readings are of concern. In addition, RPM365 provides all necessary documentation to streamline the reimbursement reporting process.​ 

​Get started with RPM365 and you and your patients can take advantage of the many benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM). From easy set-up and patient data monitoring to generating significant revenue, we have your turnkey solution.​ 

​What We Do 

​Our virtual care programs allow for numerous potential benefits for both your patients and your practice. 

​Increase Patient Satisfaction and connection between visits 

​Improve Clinical Outcomes guided by real-time patient data 

​Minimize office workflow disruption 

​Reduce complications, ED visits, admissions and re-admissions 

​Diversify Revenue Streams with multiple billing codes 

​What You Get 

​Personal Care Team 

​Manages patient consent & device setup 

​Provides personalized patient monitoring, engagement & data review 

​Multi-language support & video calls 

​Intuitive Platform 

​Customizable patient data reports & reimbursement reports 

​Automated messaging & 24/7 alerts 

​EHR integrated 

​Device Logistics 

​Turnkey device management & support 

​Blood pressure cuffs, glucometers, pulse oximeters, scales & spirometers 

​Compatible with 60+ FDA-cleared Bluetooth & cellular devices 

​Who We Help 

​Our scalable platform provides customizable solutions for healthcare organizations of all sizes. 

​Integrated Health Systems 

​Individual & Group Practices 

​Population & Behavioral Health Organizations 

​Why Choose Us? 

​We’re a team of healthcare innovators, educators and clinicians with a long history of enhancing condition-based patient care. 

​Decades of experience in patient engagement 

​Simple, intuitive platform easily integrated into your workflow 

​Proven results for thousands of patients and their providers 

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