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Authorization Management

Authorization Management


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Authorization Management is a solution provided by AKASA. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Revenue Cycle Management and Prior Authorization.
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AKASA delivers Authorization Management, powered by our Unified Automation® platform, to holistically automate prior authorizations for providers. Through our unique RPA + ML + experts-in-the-loop approach, AKASA determines if prior authorization is required, gathers the necessary information and clinical documentation from your EHR, submits the authorization request to payers, checks on the status of those requests, and documents the results in your EHR. Additionally, we notify payers of inpatient admissions, attaching medical records as required. The result: more timely reimbursement and patient care, with fewer staff frustrations.

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What makes our prior authorization solution unique?

  • It’s a holistic prior authorization solution: Our automation identifies payer requirements, submits requests, checks statuses, and notifies payers of inpatient admissions — freeing your staff from tedious prior authorization tasks. 
  • Our AI intelligently navigates complex auth processes: Our AI intelligently navigates complex auth processes, payer rules and portals, ensuring tasks get done.
  • Our machine ensures auth requests are thorough and accurate: Reduce back and forth with payers by ensuring all required information, such as clinical documentation and supplemental CPT codes, are submitted the first time. 
  • No disruption to your current workflow: Our AI works alongside your existing systems and third-party tools, optimizing prior authorization processes.
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