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Clinical Scribes is a solution provided by Clinical Scribes, LLC. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Coding & Documentation and Digitally-Assisted Provider Documentation.
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Clinical Scribes LLC was founded by a Minnesota-grown emergency department physician in 2007. After completing residency at Hennepin County Medical Center, he began working at a local ER. It wasn't the shifts that bothered him, it was the documentation! So he started recruiting local college students to help out, training them himself. We have come a long way since then, but we never lost sight of our purpose: improving the lives of healthcare providers while personally investing in the lives of our employees.

​We're not the biggest scribe company, but that's ok with us. Our small staff and personalized management style separate Clinical Scribes from other medical scribe companies.

There are a lot of scribe companies out there, many providing services in more than a dozen states. They charge huge start-up costs, steep hourly fees, and force you to sign long-term contracts. We have no start-up costs and some of the lowest hourly rates in the industry and our 3 month rolling contract gives you the flexibility to discontinue scribe services at any time--with no cancellation fees.

We have a highly experienced crew of scribes with as many as 7 years of experience training medical scribes. You don't want just anyone to train your scribes, you want the best and Clinical Scribes LLC trains the highest quality medical scribes.

Contact us - http://www.clinicalscribes.com/contact-us.html

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Select which hospital or health system you work at and see a personalized compatibility level.


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