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Adaptive Call Center Automation Alternatives

Adaptive Call Center Automation

Top 10 Adaptive Call Center Automation Alternatives & Competitors

Without Hyro, health system call centers are reaching the burnout threshold too quickly. That’s when the perfect storm of missed calls, long wait times and poor user experience hits hard, ultimately causing patient churn and lost revenues. With Hyro, call center capacity is a non-issue, with 65-85% of calls being automatically deflected or resolved end-to-end, and the remainder of calls being quickly and accurately routed to the right departments.

It's an ever-clean filter you never need to change – Hyro has a three-pronged system to sorting call volume, automating routine calls without human intervention, directing complex calls to the right agent, and deflecting simple calls to SMS for self-service.

Smart Routing:

Navigate calls to the accurate source of support with natural language understanding (NLU)- based smart routing. Instantly match and transfer patient queries to the right service departments, skipping complicated audio menus and lengthy wait times in the process.

End-to-End Resolution:

Automate key digital services from start to finish with conversational AI end-to-end resolution. Solve routine requests such as physician scheduling, paying bills and getting answers to critical questions, without a human in the loop.

SMS Deflection/ Call-to-Text:

Shield overloaded call center teams from repetitive tasks with SMS Deflection (Call-to-Text). Funnel patients to self-serve with the resources you’ve already invested in, directing them to patient portals, FAQ pages, chat solutions and mobile app features.


  • 3-10 day deployment
  • Zero client-side maintenance
  • 60-85% deflection/ resolution of calls and messages
  • 5x Average Handle Time
  • 99% reduction in Average Hold Time
  • Pre-loaded skills, like scheduling and routing
  • Proprietary natural language engine that adapts to patients' dialects, phrasing, sentiment and more
  • Integrations with Epic EMR, Salesforce, and major telephony providers like Cisco, NICE, Genesys and Twilio
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Adaptive Call Center Automation
Top 10 Adaptive Call Center Automation Alternatives & Competitors

Overall Top 10 Adaptive Call Center Automation Alternatives & Competitors

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