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Medisafe is a solution provided by Medisafe which was founded in 2012. It belongs to the digital health solution Oncology.
Some other resource(s) that may be helpful in learning about Medisafe include: A buyer’s guide to oncology and Top Oncology Companies Report

Integrated digital solutions for personalized and immediate support directly in patients’ hands.

Accompany patients on their journeys with a digital platform that breaks through treatment barriers with holistic support.

Treatment Journey Design

Advance patient navigation with personalized and proactive interventions.

Onboarding Guidance

Transparent and simplified enrollment process that expedites the first take.

Behavior-Based Interventions

Personalized experiences around treatment and behavioral needs to keep patients on track.

Holistic Approach

Medication management made for real life and all components of the treatment journey.

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EHR integration

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Use cases and differentiators

Improve First Fill Rate

  • Auto-invite instantly engages program users and accelerates administrative processes required for treatment approval
  • Streamline patient support with transparency from activities of patients' daily lives
  • Motivate patients to 'keep going' through process of getting their medications and preparing them for the 'first take'

Improved Adherence

  • Comprehensive inventory of proactive and personalized notifications & reminders
  • Complex regimen support
  • Persona based condition guidance and support
  • Integrated outreach to support teams

Extension of Persistence

  • Active engagement of patients of time based on established behavior patterns and motivators
  • Combat interruption to treatment associated with coverage gaps/interruptions
  • Break through journey and persona-established barriers with behavioral science

Care Team Connectivity

  • Engage patients with all elements of support available to them
  • Direct digital channel between support teams and their patients increases patient confidence in care
  • Accelerate document submission process with digital mobility

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Company information

Founded in 2012

51.5M total equity funding



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