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EscrowAI is a solution provided by BeeKeeperAI, Inc.. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Diagnostics & Imaging, Interoperability, and Data Protection & Cybersecurity.
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EscrowAITM is a patented (US Patents #11,531,904 and #11,748,633) zero-trust project-based collaboration workflow software that facilitates sightless computing on PHI. 

EscrowAI enables secure collaborations between data steward(s) and model developer(s) by:
• Maintaining data sovereignty (the data remains in the data steward’s secure environment)
• Protecting patient privacy (the PHI data is never seen or shared and remains encrypted at rest, in transit, and during compute in the data steward’s secure environment)
• Protecting the intellectual property of the model (at rest, in transit, and during compute in the data steward’s environment)
• Ensuring the mutually approved performance report leaves the enclave without exfiltrating patient data

EscrowAI includes workflow-driven user interfaces for both the model developer and the data steward(s), security and privacy enhancing technology capabilities for identity and access management, attestation, key management, and the Trusted Execution Environment. The user experience is supported 24/7 with an online help center and issue reporting as well as customer service.

EscrowAI is fully HIPAA and GDPR compliant. EscrowAI is available in the Azure Marketplace and may be purchased through Microsoft. EscrowAI is a Microsoft Azure Computing (MAC) quote eligible solution.

Typical use cases include:
• Industry-sponsored research on data that cannot be de-identified (small population, genomics, social determinants of health, retinal imaging, etc.) or the effort to de-identify would be too costly or time consuming
• Multi-site validation to demonstrate the generalizability of a model
• Multi-jurisdictional development requiring compute on data that cannot leave its location
• Multi-institutional research infrastructure in which models will be sent to various institutions for computing

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EHR integration

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Use cases and differentiators

EscrowAI enables a third-party to validate its model (AI, ML, or LLM) on primary clinical data. Because data sovereignty and patient privacy are protected at rest, in transit, and during compute ethical commercial arrangements for licensing the data are fully permissible under HIPAA.  

Clinical decision support models

Precision medicine models 

Disease trajectory models 

Data stewards

Model developers 

EscrowAI is a SaaS application, maintained by BeeKeeperAI. 

  • Provides protection at rest, in transit, and during compute (end-to-end) for both the clinical data (PHI) and intellectual property of models
  • Delivers a zero-trust, privacy enhancing workflow solution that seamlessly integrates the point solutions required for confidential computing making EscrowAI a "push-button" solution 
  • SaaS offering that can be activated in hours, not days
  • Enables secure computing on clinical data (PHI) eliminating the need to de-identify the data 
  • Available for purchase on pre-existing Microsoft agreements
  • Microsoft Azure Computing (MAC) quota eligible - every dollar spent on EscrowAI through the Azure Marketplace applies to the contracted MAC quota 
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