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Momentum Spine is a solution provided by Momentum Health. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including DIY Care, Diagnostics & Imaging, and Remote Monitoring (RPM).
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Momentum Spine is an AI-based digital health application to monitor spinal deformities remotely. The mobile application employs smartphone cameras to recreate a true-to-scale three-dimensional model of the torso from a simple 45-second video. Momentum Spine’s algorithms analyze 3D topography to predict the internal anatomy of the spine. In other words, Momentum Spine quantifies the extra-spinal deformities (what we can see from the outside with the naked eye) and correlates them to the Cobb Angle (what we can only see on X-rays) to predict the progression of the deformity. Automatic feature extraction, such as shoulder imbalance and trunk asymmetry, are also calculated to provide both the clinician and the patient with a global picture of the deformity, as physical appearance is often a significant preoccupation of these patients. Overall, instead of offering the same treatment algorithm to everyone, patients benefit from an augmented, individualized standard of care. For example, a stable patient does not need an unnecessary X-ray and hospital visit every six months; their appointment could be delayed as necessary (if and when progression is detected). Reversely, patients with progression benefit from rapid, early preventative treatment, otherwise unnoticed for months. Momentum Spine’s imagery-guided AI predictions allow physicians to stratify patients by severity, intervene timely and follow the progress of their patients closely to ensure an optimized and personalized standard of care.
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