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Pycube’s Asset Location solution

Pycube’s Asset Location solution

Pycube’s Asset Location solution

Pycube’s Asset Location solution
Pycube’s Asset Location solution


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Pycube’s Asset Location solution is a solution provided by Pycube. It belongs to the digital health solution Supply Chain Management.
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Pycube’s Asset Location solution revolutionizes asset tracking with its innovative use of mobile passive RFID technology. This advanced software allows for efficient, targeted searches without the need for direct line of sight, enabling users to detect specified assets from considerable distances. Customizable asset lists enhance the ability to quickly pinpoint any item within a facility, streamlining inventory processes and improving productivity.

The technology’s capability to bypass obstacles ensures comprehensive tracking, making it ideal for environments where assets are frequently moved or obscured. Pycube’s solution extends beyond visual limitations, providing a reliable and expansive asset management system that minimizes losses and ensures assets are efficiently utilized and readily available.

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Use cases and differentiators

Asset Location Case Study: A large hospital system in Texas needed to streamline asset management across multiple facilities, implementing full visibility of asset locations and preventative maintenance workflows. With Pycube’s hands-on support, they gained confidence in managing thousands of assets independently within a month. While the tagging process for over 88,000 assets continues, our customized workflows ensure efficient asset tracking and maintenance, empowering the hospital system to prioritize patient care.

A large hospital system in Texas 

Pycube’s solutions are not just another EHR system; they are designed to complement and enhance these systems by focusing on asset management and operational efficiency, which are often not the primary focus of traditional EHRs. While EHRs are indispensable for clinical data management, Pycube specializes in the digital tracking and management of physical assets, such as medical equipment and supplies, which are critical to healthcare operations. This focus includes features like real-time location services (RTLS), asset protection, and preventive maintenance—services that ensure healthcare providers can maximize the utilization and lifespan of critical assets, reduce losses, and prevent equipment failures.

Against its competitors, Pycube stands out by offering a highly specialized blend of asset management solutions paired with cutting-edge technology and intuitive business intelligence software. While many competitors may offer one aspect of this solution, such as asset tracking or preventive maintenance, Pycube provides a comprehensive suite that covers all these bases and more. Additionally, Pycube’s solutions are uniquely tailored to the healthcare sector, focusing on the nuances and specific needs of this industry, such as compliance with stringent health regulations and the ability to track assets across complex hospital layouts. Pycube’s proactive asset protection and preventive maintenance capabilities go beyond mere tracking, enabling healthcare facilities to not only monitor but also actively manage the lifecycle of each asset. This holistic approach ensures that Pycube’s clients receive not only tools for better asset visibility but also strategies for long-term asset management and cost reduction.

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