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Telesitting is a solution provided by VirtuAlly LLC. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Care Plans, Clinical Decision Support, Clinical Decision Support Systems, and Home Health.
It has 11 verified clients.

VirtuALLY.io provides a full-service option for Virtual Sitting. From the time our partnership begins, we will work with your institution to build workflows to integrate into your team and provide seemless care and education for your stafff. From extensive GO LIVE planning, to the time we start are our services, and beyond- we are committed to starting a successful Virtual Sitting service at your institution. 

The 24/7 centralized team of highly trained observation technicians prioritizes a level of care that leads to improving patient outcomes and reducing hospital staffing costs through the use of preferred technology. The observation team facilitates constant communication to alert on-site staff about patient behaviors that may lead to falls, self-harm or other dangers.

We can use the technology already in place at the health system, or bring the tecnology through our partnerships with world-class technology providers.

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Use cases and differentiators

VirtuALLY.io Virtual Sitting Solutions can be deployed in a number of healthcare settings and environments. 

While each organization we work with has unique needs, the VirtuALLY.io Virtual Sitting Solution has benefits for all. Our solutions reduce the need for in person sitters, increase staff retention and satisfaction, and improve care team safety.

Hospitals - VirtuALLY.io Virutual Sitting can replace or augment the 1:1 in person sitting for: 

  • Patients at risk for falls
  • Patients at risk for elopement
  • Patients with low to moderate suicidal ideation
  • Patients with altered mental status
  • Patients obstructing care plans
  • Behavioral health patients

Mental Health Facilities - When deployed in mental health facilities, VirtuALLY.io’s Virtual Sitting Service helps:

  • Patients with mental health disorders leading to altered mental status
  • Patients at risk of self-harm behavior
  • Patients obstructing care plans
  • Patients with aggression
  • Patients with low to moderate suicidal ideation

Post-Acute Care - Our Virtual Sitting Solutions are implemented in post-acute care settings for:

  • Patients at risk for falls
  • Patients at risk for self-harm or injury
  • Patients experiencing altered mental status

Senior Living Communities - Virtual Sitting provides senior living communities with a reliable system to help care for:

Residents with Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Residents at an increased risk for falls

Residents with a history of aggression

Residents with a spouse/partner who may need assistance/ redirection when alone

Residents who may require sleep cycle or toileting documentation

Residents with an assertive toileting plan

VirtuAlly.io Virtual Sitting Services can be used in pediatric facilities and as we are currently in that space, we have refined focused training for this population. Most frequently we are used for: 

-Behavioral Health Patients

-Eating Disorders

-Low/Moderate Suicide Risk

-Self Harm

-Staff Safety

-Drug Diversion

-Social Concerns

We have a variety of facilities that we currently work with:

  • Medical Univeristy of South Carolina
  • Emory Healthcare
  • Orlando Health 
  • Tidelands Health
  • Mount Pleasant Gardens
  • Mission Community Hopital 

Being a technology agnostic service provider, we partner with technology providers to fulfill the clients documentation requirements. Often this is directly into the EHR of the system, other times in the platform the client chooses for Virtual Sitting, or option for a home grown option that can be shared with the client.

  • Longest standing service provider in the market
  • Ability to leverage industry leading technologies
  • Flexible, customizable solutions and service plans with in-depth documentation and reporting capabilities
  • Evidence-based at our core with solutions designed alongside frontline care teams
  • Primary virtual care services include Telesitting, Virtual Nursing, and consultative services
  • Drastic improvements in annual savings per unit, patient fall reduction, employee retention and length of stay & admissions where deployed
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