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Prior Authorization Management

Prior Authorization Management

Prior Authorization Management

Prior Authorization Management
Prior Authorization Management


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Prior Authorization Management is a solution provided by DataMatrix Medical. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Revenue Cycle Management and Prior Authorization.
Prior Authorization Management integrates with major EMRs such as Epic, Cerner, and Meditech.
Some other resource(s) that may be helpful in learning about Prior Authorization Management include: Unlocking the true potential of healthcare RCM: How a digital front door makes all the difference and A Buyer’s Guide to Prior Authorization

DataMartrix Medical's prior authorization services are perfect for those practices backed up by the burden of prior authorizations and are not reimbursed promptly. We will handle PAs throughout the entire process. We can work alongside current staff to support orders, submissions, approvals, and the denial/appeal process or handle the whole process to free up time for you and your staff.

Our HIPAA-compliant and secure service is EHR and EMR agnostic, so we can work with any system with a minimum setup cost that is, on average, 70% less than AI-centered RCM tools and 50% less than an hourly employee. DataMatrix is 99+% accurate and offers 24/7 capabilities, so there is no downtime. The prior authorization service by DataMatrix Medical accommodates all private insurance, no-fault, and worker's comp.

For over 25 years, DataMatrix Medical has been a leader in healthcare business process support. The prior authorization product can work seamlessly with other products, such as medical scribing, document indexing, and medical credentialing.

Try the DataMatrix Medical prior authorizations service risk-free and no long-term contracts; cancel anytime.

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EHR integration

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None provided
Epic, Cerner, Meditech, Allscripts, NextGen, athena, GE, eClinicalWorks, McKesson, Other, Allscripts/Eclipsys, Athenahealth, Azalea Health/Prognosis, CPSI, Evident, Healthland, MEDHOST, MedWorx, QuadraMed, Self-developed, Would prefer not to disclose, Point Click Care
None provided
Use cases and differentiators

The DataMatrix Medical prior authorization product is used by small to mid-size practices and as large as those that will do hundreds of PAs weekly. The service is medical specialty agnostic so that DataMatrix can support orthopedics, pediatrics, cardiology, and more. We specialize in authorizations for Radiology, DME, Injections, Surgeries, and more. This service is best for practices that need to cut overhead costs while working to increase reimbursement rates. 

The application is the same across all medical specialties, taking into account the obvious rules and appropriate restrictions. The PA service is HIPAA-compliant and audited regularly under gregarious scrutiny. 

  • Office Administrators
  • VP of Operations
  • Operations Managers
  • Office Managers
  • Clinical Coordinators
  • Any Medical Practices with PA Needs

DataMatirx Medical can support ALL EHR systems and functionality 

  • Minimus is 70% Less than leading RCM tools
  • Hourly rates are 50% of the cost of full-time specialist
  • Hybrid module so that service is more accurate than AI-centric SAAS competitors
  • EHR agnostic meaning all EHRs or EMRs are supported 
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