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Charlie for Visits

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Charlie for Visits is a solution provided by healthfinch which was founded in 2011. It belongs to the digital health solution Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
It has 9 verified clients.
Many health systems have inefficient and inconsistent processes in place to order pre-visit labs or other procedures ahead of future patient visits. These inconsistencies can lead to the following negative consequences. * Physician time lost due to time spent identifying and ordering all care gaps, including both diagnostic testing (e.g. labs) and preventive care maintenance (e.g. vaccines, colonoscopies, mammograms * Nursing time lost due to pre-visit manual review of patient charts * Missed opportunities to identify critical information relevant for an upcoming appointment * Inconsistent application of a standard set of protocols across providers * Decreased reimbursement for lack of complying with payer and quality requirements Charlie’s Visit Planning application is designed to improve the efficiency of the pre-visit planning process so that providers and patients can have more meaningful conversations at the point ofcare. It is fully integrated within EHR systems. * **Automated chart review.** With each qualified upcoming appointment, Charlie reviews the patient record and looks for missing, duplicate, or outdated testing or procedures, based on medication protocols, quality metrics, and your organization’s specific standard of care. * **Efficient workflow integration.** Charlie documents and presents actionable information within the user’s workflow. Example workflows include one that empowers staff to place orders before the visit and one that presents the orders to the provider at the time of the visit. * **Decision support to place orders.** Users confirm and place orders, knowing that Charlie has teed up the right information every time.
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Founded in 2011

17.9M total equity funding



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