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DynamiCare Digital Care Program

DynamiCare Digital Care Program

DynamiCare Digital Care Program

3 verified clients
DynamiCare Digital Care Program
DynamiCare Digital Care Program


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DynamiCare Digital Care Program is a solution provided by DynamiCare Health which was founded in 2016. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Behavioral Health, Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Recovery, and Remote Monitoring (RPM).
It has 3 verified clients.
DynamiCare Digital Care Program integrates with major EMRs such as Other.
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The DynamiCare Digital Care Program is a digital coaching program that helps monitor and motivate people to achieve healthy goals with drugs, opioids, alcohol, and tobacco. We match members with a telehealth recovery coach who motivates the member on weekly voice/video calls. DynamiCare empowers people to perform substance tests through our app anytime, anywhere, through connected breath and saliva tests verified by selfie video. The app can also track treatment attendance using GPS, creating accountability and encouragement. We lift the burden from providers, placing it into the hands of the client -- improving accountability while increasing dignity. Our program leverages financial rewards to reinforce healthy behavior. The platform automates an evidence-based methodology that has been demonstrated to be effective in over 100 randomized controlled trials.

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EHR integration

Behavioral health
Use case dependent
Mobile / Tablet (native app), Desktop
Use cases and differentiators

Used by health plans, managed behavioral health organizations, state and county population health leaders, DynamiCare is shown to be effective at increasing abstinence by 2-3X for individuals with addiction to drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

This lowers cost for health plan and stakeholder organizations, and helps them achieve their quality/HEDIS measures.

None provided

Implementing a contingency management program manually requires extensive staff training and manual records keeping to ensure compliance with federal regulations.

Please reach out to kbowker@dynamicarehealth.com to learn more about the ways we differentiate from other companies in the space.

Company information

Founded in 2016

6.6M total equity funding



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Maureen’s Story | A DynamiCare Member
DynamiCare’s Personalized Technology Helps People Address Their Substance Use

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