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COHESION.OS is a solution provided by COHESION Medical which was founded in 2012. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Coordinated Community Networks, Population Health Analytics, Health Equity, Social Determinants Analytics, and Home Health.
COHESION.OS is a Connected Health System which seamlessly connects citizens over their lifetime to health services and life sciences. The system comprises a Global Citizen Life Wallet and Sensor Suite to enable real-world, real-time SDoH data capture using mobile-to-cloud technology, an Integrated Services Platform to provide collaborative data environments, a Data Insights Generator to perform real-time big data analytics, and the COHDEX® Data Exchange to synchronise data communications. Using COHESION.OS, citizens become more empowered, services more efficient, and sciences more innovative by accelerating the advancement of their research understanding and the rate of successful discovery and development of new therapeutics. Health becomes proactive and predictive by utilising COHESION’s AI-driven analytics systems and in the long-term readmission rates are reduced, delivery costs are lowered and perceived value for the patient increases. COHESION presents the Global Health System; a highly modular, flexible and scalable global platform that can be regionalized, localized and individualized through system self-service configurations for specific health and life sciences requirements. The COHESION system is underpinned by the computational principles, data models and dynamic architectures of Complex Systems Theory, and delivers technology innovations in Mobile/Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Machine Learning and Ethical Data Blockchains.
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Citizens, clinicians, researchers
Safe – COHESION.OS delivers Quality Management System (QMS) compliance. COHESION adheres to more stringent GDPR quality standards than the UK’s NHS. It is ISO 27001:2017 and ISO 9001:2015 certified and compliant with ISO 13485:2016, ready for Medical Device Regulation (MDR) enforcement in the EU. Smart – our AI-ready system allows for improved quality and lower delivery costs for health care. AI components have been built-in from the outset, meaning all data inputs are ready to be fed through algorithms for machine learning. Deep domain expertise in the fields of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and Biological Systems Engineering in healthcare. Streamlined – frictionless communications across stakeholder groups as well as longitudinally throughout an individual’s life. The system is condition and service agnostic, meaning any individual can benefit from the software irrespective of which stage of life they begin to use the COHESION system and what services they are using.
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Founded in 2012



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