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Workstorm is a solution provided by Workstorm LLC which was founded in 2018. It belongs to the digital health solution Remote Workforce for COVID-19.
Workstorm is a secure, enterprise-grade digital collaboration hub. During the pandemic and for the foreseeable future, health providers need a private, reliable solution to deliver essential healthcare services remotely. Workstorm helps you pivot to telehealth now to meet patient needs, while setting up your practice to enhance efficiency and to build strong connections to the community you serve.
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Whether it is delivering secure Telehealth services or simply providing a secure backend communication channel with the availability of working with external companies or clients with complete control of information, Workstorm combines video conferencing, messaging, file sharing and task management / compliance monitoring for health services offices.
Everyone in the office is an end-user of Workstorm. Doctors, nurses, therapists, office staff, techs, clients, pharmacists... and the list goes on and on. Anyone can collaborate with Workstorm. Because your office controls the privacy and security, you can collaborate with anyone internal to your office or external and maintain HIPAA standards and confidence that your communications are secure.
Workstorm would not replace your ERM-based solution, but could work with it to form communication channels around clients and include secure references to electronic medical records. With integrations, you could potentially move most communication and collaboration into Workstorm without changing or migrating away from your current ERM-based solution.
Workstorm is completely private, secure and offers messaging, video conferencing and file sharing without switching apps or moving information between apps. You won't have to sign up for a video conferencing solution AND a messaging platform AND a file sharing service. Instead, all of your information is available in one pane of glass for all of your communication and cases.
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Select which hospital or health system you work at and see a personalized compatibility level.


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