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MedData Third Party Liability Complex A/R Services

MedData Third Party Liability Complex A/R Services

MedData Third Party Liability Complex A/R Services

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MedData Third Party Liability Complex A/R Services
MedData Third Party Liability Complex A/R Services


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MedData Third Party Liability Complex A/R Services is a solution provided by MedData which was founded in 1980. It belongs to the digital health solution Revenue Cycle Management.
It has 1 verified client.
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MedData has been performing Third Party Liability and Workers' Compensation Services for nearly 30 years and serves clients in this capacity across the United States. Whether it is an automobile accident or other event, having clearly defined and meaningful priorities is critical to success. We use diverse and targeted methods to identify all potential payer sources immediately and collect on all potential dollars. We use a well-tested process for finding insurance on all TPL and WC accounts to identify and coordinate benefits with all payer sources. Our No. 1 priority is to recover as much cash for you as possible in the most compliant way, while focusing on providing a positive patient experience for your patients in accordance with our Mission and our Values. We ensure compliance with all federal and state statutes through intelligent/proactive system management. Our processes properly coordinate coverage with governmental sources and contracted payers. We have hundreds of internal resources that are specifically dedicated to our TPL and WC programs. As mentioned above, we have a team of attorneys and healthcare executives that support and guide our TPL and WC operations. We have the experience and existing infrastructure to provide high-quality, cost-effective third party liability services. We fully understand that achieving success with any project requires diligence and urgency in identifying the correct payer, submitting the claim correctly (and submitting supporting documentation where necessary), and correctly anticipating and resolving any issues that manifest in the adjudication of the claim. Since Workers’ Compensation accounts don’t coordinate with other payers, our focus has been on eliminating all of the roadblocks to a quick recovery. As a result, we’ve been at the forefront of electronic billing and remit transmissions. When we bill electronically, we typically see a 45% decrease in processing time. This is simply something that no other vendor offers. Whether it’s an automobile or workplace accident, having clearly defined and meaningful priorities is critical to success. Our Technology • Liability Scan: Allows us to cast an extremely broad net to find any additional cases that may be accident or third party related, but were not captured by the registration team. Typically, these visits come from the outpatient/therapy areas where the initial cause of the injury is less clear. We use a combination of occurrence codes and diagnosis codes to identify these cases. • Electronic Lien Settlement Resolution: Allows attorneys to correspond with us securely and instantly on their client’s cases. • Electronic Settlement Management: Our online, automated and instant settlement reduction process, instant, online eligibility verification for 48 states; 2-hour confirmation timeframe for the other two states (Nebraska and Rhode Island); all instant verifications are verified within 24 hours. • Accident Level Tracking: Our system allows us to quickly identify and tie accounts together by the accident – so whether you’re the injured or at-fault party, that information becomes instantly available.
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