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MedData Veterans Administration Complex A/R Services

MedData Veterans Administration Complex A/R Services

MedData Veterans Administration Complex A/R Services

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MedData Veterans Administration Complex A/R Services
MedData Veterans Administration Complex A/R Services


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MedData Veterans Administration Complex A/R Services is a solution provided by MedData which was founded in 1980. It belongs to the digital health solution Revenue Cycle Management.
It has 1 verified client.
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MedData Military Payers Billing & Follow Up Services can provide comprehensive collection and follow-up services on all patient accounts referred to us that have the potential for reimbursement from the Veterans Administration (VA), TriCare, TriWest, and CHAMPVA. Our VA leadership team, which includes the former operational head of Veterans Integrated Services Network (VISN), conducts regular on-site meetings or conference calls with the claims processing representatives. We are able to work with them one on one and often get same-day resolution. This service can include everything needed to transmit the bill and obtain reimbursement for the client, including: • Coordination of benefits to ensure billing of the proper primary payer. • Running the claim through our found insurance program to determine eligibility on other payer sources. • Upon final bill, transmitting the required billing information to the VA according to the guidelines established by the appropriate VA local office. • Implementing tracking procedures to ensure that both transmission and receipt of the billing information can be confirmed. • Follow-up on the bills until the account has been paid or denied. • Follow-up on claims through established conference calls with VA. • Face-to-face claim resolution meetings with VA (frequency depends on volume of claims pending with particular VISN). • Reviewing the account to ensure that the payment received was the proper amount. • If the account is denied or the amount paid was not the proper amount, appeal the account through the VA appeal system. • Working through batches of accounts alongside VA personnel onsite at the VISN. • Submitting claims with proper documentation in the proper order. • Pursuing the account through to resolution. • Providing reporting on the referred inventory.
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Founded in 1980



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