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MedData Eligibility & Enrollment Services

MedData Eligibility & Enrollment Services

MedData Eligibility & Enrollment Services

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MedData Eligibility & Enrollment Services
MedData Eligibility & Enrollment Services


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MedData Eligibility & Enrollment Services is a solution provided by MedData which was founded in 1980. It belongs to the digital health solution Revenue Cycle Management.
It has 1 verified client.
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MedData’s Eligibility & Enrollment Services help hospitals and uninsured patients quickly find and enroll in available coverage programs to help pay for care. We’ve been able to find assistance for millions of patients through our work with Medicaid, Social Security Disability, County Indigent, Crime Victims Compensation, Charity, HIPP, COBRA, Long-Term Care, and many other programs. Our proprietary screening tool screens and coordinates more than 2000 different programs, at federal, state, county and all levels. We have solutions for primary placement, or safety net behind your internal teams and will seamlessly integrate into any existing process. MedData’s Eligibility Services have significantly improved the financial performance for every hospital client within the first 12 months of implementing our services – and sometimes in as few as six months. Our innovative screening process begins at the patient’s bedside with a comprehensive in-house screening and eligibility analysis. If a remote option is needed, we have developed innovative contactless tools to safely and effectively screen all patients. And our patient advocates are equally committed to your outpatient population, applying the screening process to ensure any and all programs the patient is eligible for are identified. MedData’s Eligibility & Enrollment Services have maintained HFMA Peer Review status for more than 11 years.
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