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The Comprehensive Senior Advisor

The Comprehensive Senior Advisor

The Comprehensive Senior Advisor

The Comprehensive Senior Advisor
The Comprehensive Senior Advisor


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The Comprehensive Senior Advisor is a solution provided by eHealthAnalytics which was founded in 2016. It belongs to the digital health solution Care Management.
We are knowledge engineering the expertise of the most skilled geriatricians and other associated medical professionals and “putting it in a box,” accompanied by state-of-the-art technology that will enable the development and monitoring of a comprehensive Care Plan for the senior population that is readily accessible by members of the Care Team, patients, and caregivers. The Comprehensive Senior Advisor™ (CSA) is a cloud-based platform that can be used in conjunction with telehealth programs, remote patient monitoring, EMRs, voice-based data interaction with surveys, and virtual human assistants for data collection. The CSA will generate accurate data that has been cleansed, integrated, and engineered from a series of automated modules, including those for Physical, Psychological, Social, Environment, Spiritual Wellbeing, and Support Assessments to produce an automatic Care Plan. This Care Plan will at a minimum be updated annually. The ability to demonstrate and calculate value for all of a health system’s patients from prevention to diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases to improve the lifetime health and wellbeing of a specific population requires powerful advanced analytics that rely on the integration of disparate sources of data – especially ‘Real World Data’ – in massive amounts. Our intelligent data lake, containing access to highly curated, comprehensive, integrated data with respect to the physical condition, mental health, environment, treatment, and outcomes for millions of seniors will be available for our advanced analytics and provide the data needed for our machine learning modules to identify the potential onset of new conditions or escalation in the severity of current medical and other related issues. However, we are cognizant of the deluge of data with which practitioners are inundated. Although we will provide full analytic dashboards for those in need of them, we are strongly focused on targeted alerts for Medical Decision Making (MDM). The CSA will use data retrieved from a patient’s EMR and any Remote Patient Monitoring devices in use to send alerts to members of the Care Team via email or text, and back to the EMR, based on a metric falling below or rising above an established threshold.
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