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Patient Discharge


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Patient Discharge is a solution provided by Telesofia Medical which was founded in 2011. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Care Transitions, Discharge Planning, and Virtual Nursing.
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Reduce Preventable Readmissions:

Telesofia helps hospitals and patients improve their discharge process, using a series of videos that are personalized according to the patient's discharge plan and the hospital's branding and staff.

Readmissions are Avoidable:

One in five Medicare patients are readmitted to the hospital within 30 days, and up to 75% of these readmissions are preventable.

The main causes for potentially avoidable readmissions are:

1-Lack of medication reconciliation.

2-Poor language and literacy-appropriate patient discharge instructions.

3-Failed early outpatient follow-up.

4-Poor coordination of care across the care continuum (including care providers and family members).

Readmissions are Costly:

Unnecessary readmissions are a real concern for hospitals and patients alike. In 2014, Medicare fined 2,610 hospitals for readmissions within 30 days. Medicare estimates the fines in FY 2015 will total about $428 million dollars. 78% of hospitals will be penalized in 2015, a total increase of 14% from 2013.

Better Care with Personalized Discharge Videos: Telesofia's Patient Discharge program provides an end-to-end solution for delivering video instructions to patients. The program includes a series of short personalized videos that clearly demonstrate the steps the patient needs to take after being discharged from the hospital.

Tailored to each patient's specific demographics and medical history, the videos contain instructions on when and how to take medication, why it is important and how the medication works. They also address the patient's other medical conditions when relevant and include practical tips of what the patient can do at home to feel better. Reminders of upcoming appointments are also included as are important warning signs of when to call the doctor.

The Patient Discharge program will generate videos based on the particular hospital's protocol and the individual discharge instructions. They will be sent to patients automatically at the designated time using text message or email. The patient can view the video more than once, on any connected device.

In addition to patient details, the videos can also be customized according to each hospital and physician providing the patient with a seamless discharge experience.

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Company information

Founded in 2011

4.0M total equity funding



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