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Patient and Disease Management Videos

Patient and Disease Management Videos

Patient and Disease Management Videos

Patient and Disease Management Videos
Patient and Disease Management Videos


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Patient and Disease Management Videos is a solution provided by Telesofia Medical which was founded in 2011. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Medication Management, Care Management, and Diabetes Management.

Chronic Disease is Stressful:

Living with a chronic disease is challenging. People suffering from chronic diseases experience physical and emotional symptoms that affect their everyday life. As a result, their ability to self-manage their health care is drastically reduced.

Managing Chronic Diseases is Costly:

The cost, in financial terms and in lives lost, is enormous. Seven of the top ten causes of death in the US are chronic diseases while 86% of health care costs are spent on treating these patients. The barriers to self-management are great and many current programs designed to assist are expensive and often ineffective.

Improve Compliance with Personalized Videos:

Our highly personalized videos provide patients with easy to understand medication instructions and demonstrations about their condition. The patients receive a series of videos that speak directly to them with guidance on how to properly use their medication.

For example, multiple studies demonstrate that while patients may understand the importance of taking their medications, this doesn't always result in taking them correctly. In fact, 9 out of 10 people in the general population do not use medical information properly. The anxiety that results from living with one or more chronic diseases often alters a patient's ability to understand and receive information, which can worsen non-compliance.

Perfect for Specialty Pharmacies:

Health care plans today depend on their specialty pharmacy provider to increase patient engagement and improve adherence. Therefore, specialty pharmacy drugs require special administration, handling, patient education and clinical support. These drugs account for a major portion of the total healthcare bill compared to retail pharmacies.

Our videos are designed to explain even the most complex specialty pharmacy drugs to benefit both the patient and the provider.

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Founded in 2011

4.0M total equity funding



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