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Phix Care Management System

Phix Care Management System

Phix Care Management System


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Phix Care Management System is a solution provided by Phix Health. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Care Management and Staff Safety.
Phix Care Management System integrates with major EMRs such as Not applicable.

Our platform is an enhanced EHR specializing in assisting organizations with care management and population health. It can stand alone or work with “in place” with EHR’s used today. 

We deliver an an overall view of the patient and their diagnoses to let providers craft and monitor a plan of care that keeps individuals at home, rather than at the hospital.

Built for Your Organization

  • Innovative Care Plan – Our proprietary framework for care planning goes beyond ‘diagnosis’ and supports comprehensive, collaborative goal-directed care and outcomes
  • Care Team Focused – Our role-based dashboards support team collaboration with messaging, convenient task management and Care Planning.
  • Integrated data from Wearables and Connected Devices – provides a continuous view of patient health to help providers manage interventions early and monitor care plan goals and outcomes between visits. The proliferation of clinically useful health data collected via connected health devices (e.g. Bluetooth Scales, Blood Glucose Montors, BP Cuffs and more) has not been reflected in comprehensive end-to-end care management until now. Phix Health consolidates data from wearables and connected devices into one integrated system to deliver near real time data to providers and drive care without changing the provider workflow.
  • Risk based Patient Stratification – Understand how risk is distributed within your cohort population and for each patient to help you evaluate risk of hospitalizations and manage case mix to make sure patients get the support they need and stay as healthy as possible.
  • Outcomes Focused – Set goals in the patient Care Plan based on diagnoses, Risk Score and other factors and monitor outcomes continuously via Wearables and Connected devices, as well as integrated lab results and patient screeners.

Key Product Features

  • Highly configurable component-based architecture
  • Role specific dashboards for every member of your care team and your back office
  • Easy to use interface that makes important information easy to find and reduces training requirements
  • Robust standards-based data architecture to support interoperability and data integration with EHRs
  • Module based – mix and match the components you need for your organization
  • Tools to help providers stay on track with your care model
  • Easy to use patient mobile companion
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EHR integration

Use case dependent
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Desktop, Mobile / Tablet (web optimized)
Use cases and differentiators

Provider Care Teams

Care Managers

Platform is designed to support multi-discplinary clinical teams including physicians, nurse practitioners, medical assistants, etc.

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  • Population centric view allows provider teams to quickly drill down to patients requiring attention and follow up.
  • Analytic insights support clinical decision making, support care model adherence and identify critical patient risks. Combines multiple metrics and patient demographics to identify patients at risk. 
  • A curated, role based “air traffic control” center for all members of an interdisciplinary team
  • Role-based workspaces, shared messaging, collaborative care plan management.
  • Integrated data from wearables, connected devices and curated apps stream data to care teams for analysis and action
  • Proprietary framework for care planning that goes beyond ‘diagnosis’ and supports comprehensive, collaborative goal-directed care and outcomes
  • Highly customizable component and rule-based architecture. Define your care model, related notifications and actions, encounter elements, critical thresholds by provider
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