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Good Faith Estimates

Good Faith Estimates

Good Faith Estimates


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Good Faith Estimates is a solution provided by ClaraPrice which was founded in 2018. It belongs to the digital health solution Command Centers.

Struggling to create and maintain processes and procedures to comply with the No Surprises Act? ClaraPrice provides a comprehensive framework to create, manage, and maintain Good Faith Estimates for your facility's patients. Download, print, or upload estimates to the EHR and ensure your processes meet compliance.

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EHR integration

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Use cases and differentiators

Workflow Automation for Good Faith Estimates

Streamline operations with a comprehensive platform to create, manage, and deliver Good Faith Estimates in compliance with the No Surprises Act.

No Surprises Act

Centralize operations to create, manage, and deliver Good Faith Estimates to patients while maintaining compliance with the CMS No Surprises Act.

Workflow Automation

Collaborate with your team, add notes, and manage the lifecycle for each estimate. Ensure your processes efficient, repeatable, and streamlined.

Streamlined Templating

Save valuable time and prevent repeat coding work by pre-configuring powerful "bundle templates" to optimize GFE delivery for your busy team.

GFE Management

We provide you with a custom website that is compliant with all requirements of CMS’s 2021 OPPS Price Transparency mandate. Your consumer-friendly display is accessible by all. It’s easy to use, mobile friendly, and works with all browsers.

Powerful Templating

We’ll build your data and transform it to go beyond your compliance with a API-ready data set you can put to work. With a CMS preferred machine-readable file format called JSON, your machine readable file is built for machines, not patients.

Health Systems

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Company information

Founded in 2018

$400,000 total equity funding





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