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ShiftMed: On-Demand W2 Workforce Marketplace

ShiftMed: On-Demand W2 Workforce Marketplace

ShiftMed: On-Demand W2 Workforce Marketplace

ShiftMed: On-Demand W2 Workforce Marketplace
ShiftMed: On-Demand W2 Workforce Marketplace


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ShiftMed: On-Demand W2 Workforce Marketplace is a solution provided by ShiftMed. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Clinician Burnout, Human Capital Management , and Dynamic Staffing & Scheduling.
It has 1 verified client.
ShiftMed: On-Demand W2 Workforce Marketplace integrates with major EMRs such as Not applicable.
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  • On-demand staffing: ShiftMed provides hospitals with on-demand access to a pool of 350,000+ qualified healthcare professionals to fill staffing gaps and meet fluctuating patient volume needs.
  • Time and cost savings: By reducing the need for costly agency staffing solutions, reducing overtime costs, and increasing efficiency, ShiftMed can save hospitals time and money.
  • Quality assurance: ShiftMed's rigorous screening and onboarding process ensures that the healthcare professionals working with hospitals are qualified and experienced, reducing the risk of staff turnover and maintaining consistent quality of care.
  • Enhanced staff retention: By providing healthcare facilities with a pool of qualified healthcare professionals, ShiftMed can help reduce staff turnover, which in turn reduces recruitment and training costs.
  • Flexibility: ShiftMed's platform offers healthcare facilities and professionals a flexible and convenient way to manage work schedules and connect with each other, increasing opportunities for successful and satisfying work experiences.
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Use cases and differentiators

  • XYZ Hospital is a large hospital that serves a diverse patient population with a range of medical needs. Due to fluctuations in patient volume, staff absences, and other factors, the hospital has experienced challenges in maintaining adequate staffing levels. As a result, they have had to rely on costly agency staffing solutions and have struggled to maintain consistent quality of care for their patients.
  • To address these challenges, XYZ Hospital decides to partner with ShiftMed, a healthcare staffing platform that connects healthcare facilities with qualified healthcare professionals. Through the ShiftMed platform, XYZ Hospital is able to find and book qualified healthcare professionals, such as registered nurses, respiratory therapists, and medical assistants, to fill staffing gaps on a flexible, on-demand basis.
  • Using ShiftMed's platform, XYZ Hospital is able to manage their staffing needs more efficiently and effectively. They can quickly find qualified healthcare professionals to fill staffing gaps, ensuring that their patients receive the care they need. Additionally, ShiftMed provides features such as real-time scheduling, communication tools, and performance tracking, which help to ensure that XYZ Hospital is able to manage their workforce more effectively and efficiently.
  • By partnering with ShiftMed, XYZ Hospital is able to improve the quality of care they provide to their patients while also reducing staffing costs and improving employee morale.

Pediatric healthcare facilities such as children's hospitals, pediatric clinics, and pediatric home healthcare agencies can use ShiftMed to find and book qualified healthcare professionals with experience in pediatric care, such as pediatric nurses and pediatric medical assistants.

  • The users of ShiftMed include healthcare facilities such as health systems, hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and home healthcare agencies, as well as healthcare professionals such as nurses, certified nursing assistants, and medical assistants. 
  • Healthcare facilities use ShiftMed to find and book qualified healthcare professionals to fill staffing gaps, while healthcare professionals use ShiftMed to find flexible work opportunities and to manage their schedules and career growth.

Fully interoperable with any nurse scheduling system

Enables health system to create their own internal agency

  • ShiftMed uses a W2 workforce instead of a 1099 workforce, which means that the healthcare professionals who work with ShiftMed are considered employees, rather than independent contractors. By using a W2 workforce, ShiftMed is able to provide a higher level of support and stability for its healthcare professionals, and assumes the risk for its health system partners.

  • ShiftMed integrates with UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group), a workforce management and human capital management software, to provide a seamless experience for healthcare facilities and professionals. The integration allows healthcare facilities using UKG to access ShiftMed's platform and book qualified healthcare professionals directly from within the UKG platform. This helps to simplify the staffing process for healthcare facilities, enabling them to manage their workforce more efficiently and effectively.

  • ShiftMed has partnered with Uber Health to provide reliable and efficient transportation for healthcare professionals using the ShiftMed platform. Uber Health is a HIPAA-compliant transportation solution that enables healthcare providers to order rides for their patients and employees. Through the partnership, ShiftMed healthcare professionals can use Uber Health to get to and from their shifts at healthcare facilities, ensuring that they arrive on time and are able to provide high-quality care to their patients.
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June 27, 2023


June 27, 2023

Premiere On-Demand Workforce Marketplace

Where to start. We have extensive experience in this, specifically in acute care, and have been with other on-demand partners. Starting from Todd (CEO) to Jacob (COO) to their entire team, we have been really pleased with their collaboration and partnership. Beyond that, their terms are hard to be and they are really cementing themselves into this space by going all in on W-2. They have sound technology and I appreciate their willingness to debut features that help ensure appropriate rates. They have world-class preboarding, a model that many need to learn from and adopt. I can't say enough good things.  

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A verified Executive sponsor working with ShiftMed: On-Demand W2 Workforce Marketplace from a large-sized, pediatric, rural, AMC, ACO hospital.



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