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Mahalo Health Platform

Mahalo Health Platform

Mahalo Health Platform


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Mahalo Health Platform is a solution provided by Mahalo Health. It belongs to the digital health solution Digital Therapeutics (DTx).
Mahalo Health Platform integrates with major EMRs such as Epic, Cerner.
Some other resource(s) that may be helpful in learning about Mahalo Health Platform include: Exploring the Potential of Digital Therapeutics (WEBINAR) and A Buyer’s Guide to Digital Therapeutics

Mahalo Health is a digital health platform company. It offers a decentralized clinical research and digital therapeutics platform. It builds, scales, and maintains regulated digital health products and services. It was founded in 2021 and is based in Austin, Texas.

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Product capabilities

Personalized care plans

Personalized care can is configured within our system depending the the requirements. Patients retain microlearning content 80% more than other forms of elearning. A microlearning module is built into the platform along with intuitive tasks like medication reminders and other items patients should do. Coaches can interact with patients via chat or telemedicine appointments.

What is personalized care plans?
Personalized care plans that deliver customizable treatment. Leading solutions offer libraries of evidence-based medical and psychosocial intervention pathways. Content is delivered in accessible, personable language to meet patients where they are.
EHR integration

Patient portal
Use case dependent
Epic, Cerner
None provided
Use cases and differentiators

Mahalo is a platform designed to accelerate the development of digital therapeutics. Create mobile health apps and digital experiences that:

  • Change patient behavior
  • Educate patients via microlearning
  • Monitor patients remotely
  • Predict disease and health conditions

Some user roles include the following, but we can define others based on your needs.

  • Patient
  • Clinician
  • Nurse
  • Admin
  • Super Admin

Mahalo has a set of digital health building blocks that accelerate the development of digital health apps. The overall user experience is patient-centric, making the patient experience delightful.

  • Patient microlearning for any health condition or concern
  • Patient health diary
  • Medication management and compliance
  • Remote patient monitoring with connected devices
  • Patient coaching for behavior change

We're in the early phases of research to achieve the following via behavior change:

  • Diabetes Reversal
  • Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) Delay

There are only a handful of competing platforms that accelerate the development of digital therapeutics. Mahalo's main differentiator is that we combine clinical evidence-collection tools and digital health app development accelerators into a single platform.

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