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Pixel Therapeutics is a solution provided by Pixel Therapeutics. It belongs to the digital health solution Digital Therapeutics (DTx).
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PixelCare is a cutting-edge technology that leverages the power of Large Language Models to revolutionize the way we detect, analyze, and address elevated PTSD and CTE risks. PixelCare can analyze individual behavior and provide periodic analysis of wellbeing, personalized feedback, and health related recommendations based on information captured and analyzed from various sources of truth. PixelCare also enables escalatory notifications to facilitate proactive interventions by accountability partners, healthcare providers, and/or mental health providers based on key pre-defined triggers. The sum of these capabilities enables PixelCare to serve as an essential tool for identifying and seeking treatment for those who need it most.

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Use cases and differentiators

PixelCare’s AI-based risk detection can reliably detect elevated PTSD and CTE symptoms risks based on the information collected and analyzed through unobtrusive monitoring.

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PixelCare deploys a natural-language “accountability avatar”, also known as “KNUTE”. KNUTE stands for Knowledge Network Understanding Text Engine. KNUTE interacts with users to provide periodic mood and overall well-being feedback and coaching on intuitive behavioral corrections when monitoring and analysis deems appropriate. PixelCare’s accountability avatar learns individual user behavior overtime, measuring and monitoring emotional well-being. 

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