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Ontrak is a solution provided by Ontrak Health which was founded in 2003. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Behavioral Health and On-demand Behavioral Health.
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Ontrak Health transforms the health care journey for people with complex physical, mental and social care needs, when they need it most, through our AI-infused, evidence-based clinical model.

AI-infused Advanced Engagement System from eligibility to graduation to drive better engagement, integration, and customization.

Evidence-based coaching model using recognized assessment tools, motivational interviewing techniques, and behavior change interventions.

Proprietary and preferred Provider network closely connected to our coaches.

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Use cases and differentiators

We find and help people with unaddressed behavioral health conditions and chronic disease to improve their health and reduce medical expenses.

-AI-infused Advanced Engagement System

-Evidence-based Coaching Model

-Proprietary and Preferred Provider Network

People with unaddressed behavioral health conditions and chronic disease. People looking to reduce medical expenses.

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We uncover deep, predictive attributes, leveraging advanced data analytics using 21 different features relating to co-occurring medical conditions to identify individuals with unaddressed behavioral health conditions, even absent a diagnosis, that cause or exacerbate chronic medical disease.

Company information

Founded in 2003

79.1M total equity funding


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