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Clipboard Health is a solution provided by Clipboard Health. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Human Capital Management , Dynamic Staffing & Scheduling, and Clinician Burnout.
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Clipboard Health uses technology to help nursing facilities (SNFs, senior care, hospitals) get the right nurse at the right place at the right time (CNAs, LVNs, RNs, NPs, etc). There is a well-known shortage of nurses nationwide, meanwhile many new nursing graduates are still unable to find a job 18 months after graduation. Clipboard health aims to solve this problem for the 4 million nurses who comprise one of top three most common jobs in the country. With a presence in multiple locations around the country, Clipboard Health is an alumnus of the incubator Y Combinator.  

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Healthcare Talent Solutions

At Clipboard Health, we offer a cutting-edge marketplace that streamlines the process of connecting facilities with skilled healthcare professionals. Our unique marketplace allows facilities to post shifts and enables professionals to book those shifts easily.

A Marketplace of Professionals

The vast majority of shifts filled on our marketplace this year were filled by healthcare professionals who received a four or five-star rating (out of five stars) from facilities using the marketplace. Such professionals also get favorite status at the facilities where they receive such a high rating, opening up priority access to the facilities’ shifts on the marketplace. The result is that both facilities and professionals using our marketplace benefit.

Fast, Efficient Last-Minute Shift Filling

When a professional cancels an upcoming shift booked on our marketplace, the facility confronts an urgent need to fill that shift. That’s one more area where Clipboard’s marketplace can help. On average, a cancelled shift on Clipboard’s marketplace is re-filled by a professional in under 6 minutes after the cancellation. Our unique feature automatically connects your last-minute open shifts with available professionals. Not only are you saving time and effort, but you are also receiving a critical service that is hard to find in other marketplaces.

Save Money with Our $0 Hiring Fee

While our marketplace primarily connects facilities with healthcare professionals for individual shifts, we understand that sometimes you meet a professional who is a perfect fit for your facility on a full-time basis. In such cases, you can hire that professional without paying any fees to Clipboard Health.

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