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Quinyx WFM Suite

Quinyx WFM Suite

Quinyx WFM Suite


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Quinyx WFM Suite is a solution provided by Quinyx. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Clinician Burnout, Human Capital Management , and Dynamic Staffing & Scheduling.
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At Quinyx, we help you to optimize your business, manage your workforce, and engage your frontline workers in one single platform! Our all-in-one solution helps over one million workers keep track of their daily schedules for a better work-life balance. And through AI forecasting and more efficient time reporting, we optimize your scheduling process to make sure shifts start on time and that your workers have the flexibility to celebrate birthdays, make the school run, or just catch a break—without the fuss—so that work just...works!

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Use cases and differentiators

Compliance Made Simple

Ensure your employee schedules are in line with your employee agreements and local laws, without creating an administrative burden.

Increased Efficiency

Create schedules at a branch, site, and group level at the click of a button and avoid manual, time-consuming tasks with our cloud-based tools.

Accurate Staffing Levels

With staffing levels and skills matching demand, you will provide great care every time. With AI-Driven forecasting, you will always be covered.

Engaged Employees

With simple surveys and easy communication, your employees will be more engaged and will stay with you longer.

Real-Time Control

Improve your overview and control over your workforce knowing who is where at what time, and how well-staffed your business is based on demand.

Reduced Payroll

Cut down on overtime and rely less on agency staff and locums by optimizing your workforce and improving your use of substantive/permanent staff.

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